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  1. Hi, photos below of the new addition and the offending item which is hitting the bell housing and had sheared off. I'll get some better photos shortly. I believe it's a Perkins 4203, not a lot of history on the engine swap.
  2. Hi Everyone, I've recently purchased a new project to keep my sanity at bay during this carp time. I ventured through all the usual channels and managed to land myself a seemingly intact 1973 Series 3. The bloke i bought it off didn't have a clue about much, let alone Land Rovers which should have been my first red flag. Any way, long story short, I believe it has a Perkins 4203 in it, no history, but from what I can gather it certainly looks like it is. When I bought it, the guy told me that it simply needs a new slave cylinder and all will be well, it had a tiny amount of clutch but rea
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