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  1. Thanks for the comments and advice. Where I currently live (basically in the center of the US) all domestic and Japanese brands, BMW and Mercedes are within 10-15 miles because its a prosperous area. I think I will call the nearest Land Rover dealer (the one 100 miles away) and see how they would handle repairs and service. I've talked to Porsche owners whose dealership is the same distance away and for service the dealer sends a courier over with a loaner car, swaps vehicles and then reverses the swap when the service is complete.
  2. I'm considering a new Defender. I've been watching spewtube videos and reading articles on JLR general reliability. Some ugly stories out there. My nearest dealer for purchase, service and warranty issues is 100 miles away. I have wrenched all my life but electronics diagnosis is not my forte. Given that, if you were in my boots would you buy a new Defender?
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