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  1. It wasnt the fuel pump relay, but I assume my brother "borrowed them" for his disco. Theyve been replaced anyhow and all the fuses are back. New inertia switch and fuel pump relay. Basically, the fuel pump does NOT get power, resulting in the car not starting. Im pulling my F******* hair out trying to trace the problem but I keep coming up empty handed, even after replacing old wiring harnesses. I also cant get the passenger seat removed because i stripped an insanely rusted bolt (torx30) and cant get my screw remover in there. this is driving me nuts!!!
  2. update: all of the relays under the passenger seat are gone, and so is the 70 A fuse. wow
  3. I'm sure it came with a key fob, but that is missing along with the owners manual and the diagram to the fuse box on the dashboard... I'll work on getting some pics after I eat breakfast and get out there again! Thanks for the help. That would also make sense if it was immobilized because if I open the rear cargo hatch and then connect battery power the alarm starts going off! I'll look into that next.
  4. Hey guys, my pops Range Rover has been sitting for almost two years now and I thought it would be a fun project to fix it back up for him. It's in pretty rough shape, but the first step is to get it running! I've syphoned out the bad gas, replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter and tested the fuel pump with a power source separate from the car to make sure it works and it does. I also put new fuel in it. the car does crank and begin to start up with starter fluid but it dies back down when the starter fluid runs out so I know it sparks and the injectors work. I found out the inertia switch is actually missing, so I closed the circuit to the wiring harness with an extra piece of radio wire I had lying around. After that, the car still isn't getting any fuel pressure and the fuel pump won't even turn on. Something is stopping power from getting to the pump and I just can't figure it out. My next step is to look at the relays but I don't know which one goes where or how many amps it should have. Please let me know if y'all have any suggestions! Edit: Its a 4.2 V8
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