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  1. Just incase someone finds this in google results, and wonders what fixed it; The front drivers indicator was a bad bulb holder, i realised when i hit it while it was off, the light would start flashing normally suggesting there was a dodgy connection there somewhere. Replaced it and everything was fine The drivers wing indicator was a weird one. When I took out the front indicator, i found an extra side indicator hidden behind there wrapped in masking tape, I guess from when it was re-sprayed. Pulled it through to the wing, plugged it into the led side indicator, and it worked. No idea why
  2. The MOT on my 2004 TD5 defender has expirered, and I'm slowly making my way through the list of things to fix before I take it in for a test, but I'm a bit stuck with some trouble I'm having with my indicators. 1. The drivers side wing (side) indicator doesn't work. I've checked with my multimeter and it's not getting any voltage at the bulb holder. 2. Sometimes, when other lights are turned on, the drivers side front indicator blinks 2-3 times, then turns of for a random amount of time, then starts working again. It does this over and over. 3. For a little while, I have found t
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