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  1. Can you use your transmission and transfer case mounts to locate the engine or are you doing something non-standard?
  2. "I find it hard to believe you got such a difference in economy just from wheel weights. Were the tyres fitted the same width and overall diameter? A lot of people forget that when going to bigger or smaller (diameter) tyres, the speedo reading is also affected, so the distance recorded will change. Also, I don't think on a slow and heavy 4x4 tyre weight will have much effect. Unless you'd go from a a hi-tech alloy wheel with a small roadtyre to a solid steel one with a massive knobbly tyre." <- The tires were both street tires, the 16s were Michelin LTX A/T2 and the 18s were Premier LTX,
  3. Thank you πŸ™‚ Hopefully someday I'll be able to finish all the rest of the things I want to do. It wasn't supposed to be a preservation or restoration project so there are a lot of things I did that have hurt its value. It was an old beater that nobody wanted. I categorized it as a basket case when I got it so I had no problem modifying it. Now I get uncomfortable thinking about the crazy things I have done with/to it. I'll feel better if I fully restore another one to offset my Range Rover Classic footprint. Also, I tend to forgot all of this when I am driving it around, or when I'm distra
  4. Great points, Filip. With regard to my thoughts about efficiency, I haven't had the chance to weigh my wheels or know the weight of the 15 inch ones I am considering, but I remember there being quite some difference between 16" and 18" wheels on my P38. I don't remember the actual values, but the 18s mounted with tires weighed a meaningful bit more than the 16s with roughly the same width and diameter. I didn't do any scientific testing, but the general pattern was 18 -20 mpg (US) on the highway with the 16s and 15-17 mpg with the 18s. I inferred that it must of been a result of the difference
  5. Yeah, unfortunately I had built that center console before I knew about soft dash πŸ˜†
  6. Thank you for inspiring some confidence! Now I just need to take the plunge and commit to buy. I have near new BFG mud terrains on my 16s and don't want to have to fork out more money for another new set of tires, but, long term, equivalently sized tires are quite a bit cheaper on the 15s as opposed to the 16s. Going an inch smaller in diameter will also reduce rotational mass and improve gearing, both of which would increase effective power and fuel efficiency. 'I can certainly understand your desire to fit smaller rims instead of bigger as on so many moderns.' <- you truly hit the na
  7. "don’t kick yourself too much about scrapping range rovers" Thank you. Yeah, how could we have known that these neglected and forgotten vehicles were going to one day be valued again. I thought I was unique in my appreciation of them back then, but now I always receive compliments on my old worn Range Rover despite the mismatched panels and its general unkempt appearance. Also, in the US, we had a program called 'cash for clunkers' which led to a glut of Classics in the salvage yards for a period of about a year. Some in very tidy shape even. That ended up leading to their extreme rarit
  8. Here is the last picture of the firewall. You can see the heater inlet/outlet pipes passing through. Here is a photo of the steering column test fit. The main mounting bracket attaches to the dash support thereby locating the rest of the bracketry. You can see the shiny bits on the lower left of the column bracket. Those are the mounting studs (with nuts) I welded to the sheet metal which form the lower mounts for the entire dashboard structure--the dash mounts to the steering column bracket which then mounts to the inner body structure and dash support. As long as the dash su
  9. Next, I repaired the right-side pedal-box opening. I then became obsessed with removing any unnecessary holes in the firewall My first target... and sorted I don't know how far this lunacy went as I don't have any more photos of this step in the process, but I am sure there were at least several others. As time consuming as this was, I did find it useful in terms of learning sheet metal work. It also makes for a cleaner looking firewall. Sometime down the road I would like to go back and smooth out some of the impe
  10. I cleaned up the noise in the photos a little, but it seems I cannot edit my previous posts at the moment. At least the photos moving forward will be slightly improved. The next series of photos show the installation of soft dash main firewall support. First, the support was held in place by sheet metal screws. This accomplished two things 1) it locked the support in place for the initial test fits and welding and 2) it ensures a tight welding joint between the two pieces. a shot of the rest of the support. The support now welded in. This is definitely
  11. Very nice looking rig and that Dsicovery dash looks right at home! I thought I had the only exposed hinge soft dash, but I suppose I was never the first to do it so there were sure to be some out there!
  12. I have an opportunity to purchase some used wheels that need refinishing. I am a bit intrigued and tempted by them, probably because I have never seen them before, which is about all the encouragement I usually need. They are 15 x 7 inch with a -10 mm offset. I am currently running Tornado/Freestyle wheels from a NAS Defender, with what I believe are a +33mm offset. I have OME heavy duty springs installed which yield a little over 1 inch of lift. I have 265/75 r16 currently on the vehicle and would like to run 31 x 10.5 with the 15 inch rims, which are similar in diameter and width. I am compl
  13. Before I moved forward it was a good time to test fit the dash to make sure there weren't any major issues that needed addressing... I'm sure that was a huge day for me! As far as I can tell in these pictures, I had not fitted the dash support on the firewall yet and I probably had not fitted any of the other mounting points yet either. Fortunately, the dash fit between the A pillars and seated well against the glass!! πŸ˜… Although it may be starting to look like a car again, there was a long way yet to go before this dash went home for the final time (after whic
  14. Me too--once I discovered they existed! I wish I saved that '95, but at least the soft dash lives on in my '89
  15. Thank you! Yeah the two dashes are night and day, in terms of layout and simplicity. I would not enjoy replacing a heater core in a non-soft dash model!
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