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  1. Just want to say a big thanks to those of you who have recently posted advice on the above subject. i have a Defender TD5 2003, recently I had encountered problems whilst attempting to change gear,firstly I tried draining the fluid and topping up,but no joy,I had a look on this forum and decided to attempt reverse bleeding, I did as suggested by several of you who had contributed, and I am delighted to say my gears are now functioning as good as ever. Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Sigi,did try soaking with WD40 already A friend also suggested Plusgas,so will try this
  3. Thanks for the welcome and advice Maverik. I will give this a go,think I will order new bleed screws as a precaution
  4. Renewed brake pads on my Defender TD5 Brakes need to be bled but the bleed screw/s would appear to be seized. Have owned this vehicle for 6 years and not attempted to bleed brakes before. Any advice on bleed screw removal would be much appreciated Thanks in advance
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