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  1. I'm an avid Harry (farm and garage) watcher and saw it at the weekend. The wading through that pond amused me. He had the P400 6pot version which is mad money. Yes, they're overpriced but I seem to recall he said he was considering chopping in his old RR for one. Don't forget that Harry is rolling in dosh so using a £50k car as a mini-tractor isn't quite so significant to him (I'm envious). LR will never price compete with the excellent 4x4 pickups that are around. I think he said he was going to do a proper review soon. I'd like to see the difference in performance with standard ve
  2. If I were in the US I'd be considering the new Bronco as well. A friend of mine, this side of the pond, had a Wrangler (2013) and wasn't very happy with it. He traded it in for a Merc. But the new Defender is very comfortable, quiet and really nice to drive. A utility Range-Rover
  3. Yes, mine is meant to do SOTA but refuses. This is why it's going back to Dealer again. The only potential problem with AA or ACP is that there obviously needs to be a software/firmware/hardware interface in the car. And if all the software was outsourced the vehicle manufacturer may lose control of display format. The Android Auto in my Defender works perfectly, but visually is not a patch on the fancy stitched photo maps you get in the Pivi-Pro driver's display. This on the speedo display so you barely have to move your eyes. The display hardware is very good, the audio (sound
  4. I must admit I'm wobbling on the fence regarding the technical/electronic/display aspect. I'll put to one side the perpetual mines-bigger-than-yours showroom competition between manufacturers. KIS. In many cases it's flashiness over function and rush-to-market. I guess it's always been that way but flashy tech really shows it up. You could just fit an iPad on a stick ... oh, hang on, it would look like one of those electric cars. There are upsides to fancy integrated electronics and displays. But it's got to work reliably and it should be properly tested in manufacture, after
  5. 'yer tis. SE P300 on day 2 after a wash and polish. My first experience in LR ownership was a baby RRover in 2016. It was my first toe-in-the-water in the world of LR products purely due to the unreliability reputation. Before that I had driven a few Defenders of the 2010 to 2015 vintage on/of road. Great fun. I'd also driven Discos (ancient & modern) and been passengers in all sorts of 4x4s of all sorts of makes. I have to say that narrow Devon and Dorset country lanes are often more suited to a Jimny! I'm 90% A/B road driving with a few fields, muddy tracks and local (sometime
  6. Thanks all. Yes, it can be picked up on video inside car and under the bonnet. It's almost as tappy as a diesel. Maveriik, yes wise; I'm taking it back in on Monday for a sharp-eared technician to listen to. I'll try and find a similar vehicle at the Dealership to compare. They're having it for a couple of days as the much-hyped Pivi-Pro system has gone bananas. Navigation got stuck for 4 days, touch-screen intermittent, voice ignores me more than the Mother-in-Law and the Emergency LKA doesn't like facing the sun when it's raining. I suspect it'll merely get the 'IT Department' easy
  7. P300 SE 1 month old. My engine sounds a bit tappety (in old money) and I was wondering about experience of others with the P300 engine? (Defender or any other LR vehicle). At low revs (<1500rpm) or tickover I can hear a distinct, if you'll pardon the description, 1in4 tap. Not injector tick, but the sort of tappety sound my Dad's Ford Sierra would have made when a single cam follower gap was too big. I fully appreciate cars use hydraulic lifters, but when the bonnet is open it sounds only slightly quieter than my old 2016 Evoque diesel. The engine runs fine and smooth dur
  8. Referring back to the original question I'll relate my own experience. My first foray into a brand new Land Rover product was 2015/2016 with a RR Evoque. I'd heard/seen many tales of doom and, in fact, had gone along to the LR Dealer to buy one of the last Defenders. In a moment of over-excitement I ordered an Evoque. Four near-faultless years later I ordered a Defender. After reading many tales of woe about the infotainment system in Velars I saw they had moved to the (allegedly) all-singing Pivi-Pro system. Oh dear. Many navigation-related faults have appeared from day 2 of owner
  9. I've had an SE model for about a month now but haven't had a chance to give it a proper off-road drive. It's been A roads, muddy B-roads, tracks and fields only so far which any 4x4 could do. On the roads it drives like a 'utility' Range Rover. And it scampers across wet fields very well. Not a real test...yet. Traditional Defender/SeriesII owners (several chums of mine) pick holes of course, but they still remain friends At least I won't get a rusty chassis. Sadly, I'm haunted by similar infotainment problems that seem to curse Velar owners. So far, Pivi-Pro has been Pretty Pict
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