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  1. Long ish as in makes the drive train longer? It's 12mm plate with heavy wall tube. If it gets a bend in will hit it with the stiffeners.
  2. I have used all sizes of grinders in all positions on all types of materials and never has the guard got in the way. Never needed to take one off!
  3. Thanks for the replies all, I have a small fabrication shop so plenty of abrasives to hand! I will check out the consumables you guys mentioned. I'm a beliver of 80% prep and 20% application when it comes to painting so I'm suspicious of products such as lanoguard that spray straight on surface rust. Ta.
  4. Evening All, I have a Series 3 which has been parked up for a while and I'm getting it back on the road. The chassis needs a bit of welding on the outriggers which is all good but the rest of it could do with some love including the axles which are covered in surface rust. What's good for cleaning and putting on after? I'll have a stab at the cleaning answer and guess a wire brush, elbow grease & swearing but what about after? I have seen chassis spray on stuff in a pump bottle (link below), anyone used it or should I just got for hammarite? I'm not expecting a ful
  5. OK thanks. It used to run a 3.9 with zf auto before the with Bailey morris props and it seemed fine the once or twice I used it then. I'm using the same props this time so will have to see!
  6. Is there a way of working out how far you can go before prop angles and lengths all go a bit wrong? Tried and tested by others maybe?
  7. This is the adaptor plate for mating the transmission to the transfer box.
  8. Ah OK, of course. From memory its 2" suspension lift and the body isnt lifted
  9. Thanks for the comments but the gearbox and transfer box are already mated, I did that a years ago. Its the bog warner Tbox. What's the shortest length of rear prop that's advisible!?!
  10. It was one of the things I did years ago so it ain't the pritty but should work. Just mild steel plate and some tubes. I adapted the output flange on the lexus box to take the input shaft on the bog warner. When I next get to the vehicle I will grab a photo.
  11. I've already mated the LS400 auto box to the Bog Warner so will keep that for now.
  12. Thanks that's good info. As I said my younger years has taught me a lot so I don't want to be taking things apart for little upgrade or reason as you spend more time with no truck! I have 2spare diffs (are the front & rear the same?) so will keep them for back up.
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