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  1. Thanks Filip, mine is an LT77 but you're right - it shouldn't be that different... (Famous last words) I've got some regular pullers and after looking at the really helpful thread pointed out by Mr Bowie I reckon I can do it...
  2. About to start overhauling the gearbox before putting it on the end of a V8 and putting it in my 110. Which would be great...apart from thr special tool needed. 18G 705 and 18G 705-1A. Anyone know where I can either rent one or find an acceptable alternative? Because the proper tool is ridiculously expensive for a few hours... Any vaguely sensible suggestions welcome. Cheers, Simon
  3. I'm guessing that the muff stops or reduces the pressure from the water flowing in the front. Yes. it's still submerged but not in a raging torrent. Maybe the spinning blades of doom (great description) cavitate and make their own little oasis of bubbles? (Yes, I'm taking the tiddle)
  4. That's what I was thinking. I'm not sure mine was that clean when it left the factory...
  5. I've opened a real can of worms here, haven't I? I need to check for sure what I currently have fitted, and then go on from there. I suspect if I have a 1.4 I'll keep it. If it's a 1.6 then I might, or I might swap it out for a 1.2. Probably I'll keep it whatever it is initially as the Frankentruck is starting to eat a bit more money than I had planned. Yes, I know that at least 90% of you are now smiling and remembering the days when you too thought that Landy ownership would just be a cheap laugh...
  6. Thanks chaps. Some really useful stuff there. Looks like I'll be on the hunt for a 1.6 LT230 as well. Anyone got one knocking about? I was warned about this. I seem to have been bitten by the Landy bug - what was going to be a cheap bit of fun is turning into a rather less cheap obsession...
  7. At the risk of appearing stupid...I honestly have no idea. Whatever goes on standard rims. I never looked when I got it and it's dark and pissing with rain now so, um.
  8. Thanks everyone. I came across a V8 LT77 box cheap, and as I'd already bought the overhaul kit for my existing box (both the same generation, happily) I will use it on this box before fitting it. If I can find a 1.22:1 transfer box for sensible money then I'll get that as well, otherwise I fear I'll have to either live with the existing one for the moment (presumably I'll be able to rip the white lines off the road but will run out of revs at about 60?) or do a rebuild and change the gearset. If anyone has a 1.22 unit lying around that they'd like to swap then let me know... Ch
  9. Hi all. So. Yes, I'm going ahead with the swap out of my 2.5NA and swap in with a 3.9 V8. Because, well because. I need to overhaul my transfer box anyway because it's making horrible noises, and i'm guessing that the ratio is going to be wildly out. Or is it? Big question is this. I suspect that I'll need to replace the main pinion with a cross drilled item to give the main shaft an easier life. Can I adjust the ratio by just changing that, or is it way more complicated? If I can just get away with that one, can anyone give me a clue as to the number of teeth I need to get?
  10. Well... I'm not a fan of automatics - my normal car is a V8 manual with a Bullworker clutch (showing my age) and actually the Landy seems reasonably light. Happily if I need to commute into town I use the bike, which is exempt from Congestion Charges and ULEZ and is (usually) free to park. Or 31 a day if I have to go to Westminster. I think even as an auto the 110 would be a bit carp in London traffic. An electric 110 is a thought, and not as mental as it might be - the current engine weighs the best part of a quarter of a ton. If the motor(s) weighed, say, 30kg each that's the same
  11. As a biker, years of working on Japanese machines with cheesehead screws holding everything together means I feel your pain. A trick I was shown a while ago was to get a strong solution of Caustic Soda and drip it onto the edge of the bolt. Capillary action will run it down the thread and it will dissolve the aluminium oxide locking the stud or bolt in, making it quite easy to release. As soon as you have got the bolt out flush the hole with vinegar and then lots of water... Hope that helps. Simon
  12. I do want to keep the extra horses. But I may have to settle for, um, retrieving them at a later date instead... Naturally I'll be able to justify it with the reduction of my carbon footprint
  13. Thanks Yep, Petrol exempts from the LEZ. The ULEZ is another matter entirely, but hapoily one I can ignore for a while as the likelihood of my taking a 110 into Central London for any reason at all is pretty slim... Even though Chairman Khan is now expending it to the North and South Circular, that's still a good few miles away from me. Pretty much my thoughts as well, thanks. I don't think there is an ECU, is there? It's carbs and distributor ignition, so unless I'm being stupid (it wouldn't be the first time) it's just going to need some sort of rev counter and prob
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