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  1. JB Weld - better than baler twine and gaffer tape...
  2. Oh. Oh that is useful to know. Thanks - I'll double check.
  3. Hi, Are you able to see if there's power to the light socket, or to the positive cable behind? Double speed flashing normally indicates insufficient load on the flasher circuit because of a failed bulb (sorry - this is an egg, this is how you suck it) but assuming that the bulbs are good I'd be working backward along the cable from the offending indicator until I found a connector that was live. Then at least I'd know where the problem *wasn't*... Good luck, Simon
  4. Thanks They look the dog's... What the hell, it's only money, right?
  5. Chaps, what are these "Crystal" lights of which you speak? I don't want to put LEDs on, at least not headlights (rears and indicators are different) but would like better lighting than the current Price's nightlight... I'm familiar with Night Breaker bulbs from bikes, and have also tinkered with LED lamps in regular bulbs (with varied degrees of disappointment). HID conversions aren't a bad option but no good if you happen to want a dip and high beam. Though I suppose I could fit spots as high beam and make the standard headlights dip only... Ta, Simon
  6. Even better. Thanks guys - something else I can avoid spending money on is always useful. Because God knows there are enough things I can' avoid...
  7. Yeah, I wasn't specifically after alloys, it's just these were cheap and have four decent-ish road tyres on them which have got to be better for day to day use than the Sir Roaralot all terrains (I have no idea what they are so I went with the noise) on it now...
  8. Hi all, Exactly as it says. I have an opportunity to get some Disco 1 alloys with tyres for a pretty reasonable price. Might make the Landy a bit nicer on the road through the summer... They do fit straight on, don't they? Normal 16" jobbies like this: Ta, Simon
  9. Hi Mick, and welcome. Things I haven't found on this forum: People telling you to use the search function when you inadvertently ask a question that someone has asked before. People preaching or generally behaving like dicks. People biting heads off for the slightest breach in forum ettiquette. Or indeed anything else. Things I have found: A bunch of knowledgable friendly and helpful people. Understanding that we all share the same affliction. Loads of really good advice. Enjoy Simon
  10. This will, I hope, be my last post on this thread as I will shortly be starting a new, picture-heavy, build thread. I thought I’d give you all an update and, importantly, an opportunity to tell me I'm being an idiot before I actually prove it. I’ve acquired, as I believe I mentioned, a 3.9 V8 with 14CUX injection – no Lambda sensors or anything needed and it takes its timing from the distributor. I also have the correct ratio gearbox (still an LT77 though) and a 1.2 transfer box. Oh, and a power steering box 😊 So. I have overhaul kits for the gearbox and transfer box, so I’ll d
  11. I have an air wrench and, from years of working on carp Japanese motorbikes where all the screws were made of cheese, I'm a dab hand with an impact driver as well. Wouldn't do without either
  12. Propshaft socket. I bought one from LR Spares, they sent me two. They don't want the spare one back, so if anyone needs one I have a spare - it's yours for the postage. Let me know...
  13. Interesting. Is this a normal thing? Only mine appears to do that as well...
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