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  1. If I was going to put a diesel into my 109, it'd be a 19J on account of them being quieter than a 200tdi for example. It should have more than enough power to pull a 109 about. I think the engines have unfairly gained a bad reputation when a lot of the problems were due to lack of maintenance.
  2. I had a 'Tuff' smartphone as my previous phone. In hindsight it was good, smartphone features in a tough housing, just slightly slower than a recognised model and a poorer camera. You don't realise until you switch back to a smartphone just how frequently you drop, douse, and generally abuse the bloody things. The only benefit of having a 'proper' smartphone is that I leave it in the house when I go play at the workshop/farm/yard. SWMBO maybe doesn't recognise this a a benefit though...
  3. Thanks both, much appreciated. I can't believe the RRP of the original bracket 607186. Likewise, the strengthening plate, part number RTC845 which has the same part number as in my Series III Catalogue. This retails for around £40.00+VAT. I will try and resurrect my existing one when I get round to taking it off. Here's hoping it isn't rotten...
  4. Is anybody able to find the part number for this bracket in the parts book? it's the one that holds the 3 way brake pipe union on a Salisbury back axle, on a series 3 109 ex MOD. I have looked but I cannot find it. Or if anybody has a plasma table, would you like to cut me a stainless one 😅
  5. @landroversforeverThat's a real shame, as they are very good to deal with. I hope you get it sorted, because as you say, the cost of having to replace all your tools in one fell swoop would be eye watering.
  6. @landroversforever the workshop cover is part of the policy for the farm. Out of curiosity were you wanting to insure a workshop as an individual premises or as a part of your home policy? Apologies - I just re-read your post and saw the answer there myself. Would they not insure you as one policy with two addresses, your home & workshop?
  7. We insure everything with the NFU. Every year the chap comes out and we re-evaluate, especially if for example I have bought a new welder. Insuring with the NFU costs more. However, if a group of lads in a van turns up in the night and kicks the workshop door down, taking every single tool and piece of equipment I own, I know that the NFU will pay out and I will not be spending eighteen months wrangling with my insurer about what was and wasn't covered. Likewise in the event of a fire or tsunami or plague of zombie locusts. You pays yer money and takes yer choice!
  8. Funny story about borescopes... I had one down the exhaust port of a two stroke engine to look at some bore damage. My boss wanted a look so came over and turned the engine over and sliced through the cable! I'm sure there's a lesson to be learnt here...
  9. The first time you get bogged because you forgot to engage them when leaving the road you'll realise why so many people don't like them. There are benefits for people who use their 4x4 on tarmac only, but the benefits for vehicles that work regularly are outweighed by the negatives.
  10. Failing that drill the heads off. The body of the thing will only be getting skipped when you remove the FWH's and go back to standard drive members anyhow...
  11. For reference, what's the preferred method for properly cleaning the inside of an axle casing? Diff & drain plug out and then wash it out with plenty of brake cleaner?
  12. I'm not sure if I'm wrong in my thinking, but I tend to wash them more in winter to keep the salt off.
  13. Same bloke sold a td5 90 in march too, and various body panels etc. Always worth a look in the previously sold items for a snoop!
  14. Another good reason not to recess the floor is so that you can easily roll a transmission jack, tool trolley etc about underneath the ramp
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