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  1. No problem, glad I could help you out. Your build thread is excellent by the way 👍
  2. @Bigj66 Are these the measurements you need? If they're not just let me know, the column and box are off the vehicle so easy to get to at the minute. Not sure if you meant the clamp right at the base or the one partway where it fastens to the bulkhead
  3. As the advert says - it's a once in a lifetime opportunity! Gov.uk doesn't know what to make of it mind...
  4. At least if it's made of cardboard it'll probably be lightweight! Wading could be an issue though 🤔
  5. Me neither! Most if not all the ones I have used have an adjuster so you can move the guard to 3 or 9 o'clock if you need to get in on an unusual angle anyway
  6. Thanks for all the input. One solid hit with a chisel and the rivnut popped right out!
  7. Good idea, hopefully I'll get time to have a look tomorrow night. I'll let you know!
  8. Thanks for the replies. Yes my worry was that I didn't want to dig into the metal on the bulkhead with whichever disc on a six inch grinder, and I can't drill it out as the rivnut just spins in the hole. Die grinder is going to be the right tool for the job here I think
  9. Evening, Rivnuts - or to be precise: rivnut removal. I am currently stripping the bulkhead on my 109 prior to shot blasting. Of the four rivnuts on the bulkhead (engine side) two are spinning. One of them will be an easy fix, I'll just nip it up with my rivnut tool. The other is going to cause me a headache as I had to cut the bolt head off to remove the heater matrix. What are people's preferred solutions to this?
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