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  1. Bigj66 and Snagger. Thanks for your comments. I agree the crossmember alteration isn’t very inspiring, so i will be replacing the crossmember. I might even then get it Hot Zinc Sprayed to reinstate the long term protection and at the same time i will prep and get the Bulkhead sprayed too. I read that Galvanised Dipping can twist the bulkhead and there is a company close to me that does the spraying which looks a sensible solution. I cant believe people do such shoddy work to a brand new galvanised chassis they have just bought at a significant price!! There is what i believe to be an Adwest Steering Box in the numerous parts and the aluminium engine/gearbox adapter too. I like the idea of the P38 steering conversion. Do most people get it from Steve Parkers or fabricate it themselves? His kit looks good quality. The engine has yet to be delivered but i will take some more photos as soon as i get the chance. I think my first job is to get the bulkhead and rear tub off, clean the chassis and then check that the axle/suspension are refitted and tightened properly.
  2. Wouldn’t it be good if DVLA offered this as a service, to contact the current/last owners to see if they would be interested in selling a vehicle that is of interest to someone. They could pass on your contact details and charge the interested party a fee for it.. I have tried to find my wife’s old 1989 Mini City. It’s changed colour and I can see when it was last MOT’d. I couldn’t find it so have now bought myself a Series 3 to restore 😂😂😂
  3. Hi everyone.. I’ve just bought and got home a 1972 Series 3 88 V8 with a 3 speed Auto which the last owner started to restore. I am the 12th owner of JDF 99L which the V5C lists as a 3528cc vehicle and the DVLA’s vehicle checker states it only as 29,783 miles which i struggle to believe. (Although the last recorded test was 2007, so the mileage must have increased since then) The previous owner started with a Galvanized chassis which has had the front crossmember altered for Power Steering and i found Power Steering Parts when going through the parts that came with it. I do need to check the standard of welding here because it is structural and can only assume this has compromised the galvanizing coating.. The body parts look in reasonable condition. Rear Tub, bulkhead and wings are all painted Green, and not that well. I may look to do this again and would like to find out the original colour, to consider this as an option when repainting. I will soon be removing the rear tub and bulkhead which were loosely attached for transport purposes. I have already admitted defeat and purchased a Haynes Manual, as i was not the person to strip it down so can only guess at some of the parts!!! The previous owner clearly purchased a lot of replacement parts, but i think some are missing. The obvious bits missing are 2 doors and rear tailgate, but I’m sure there will be more.. where is best for replacement parts (Old and new) whilst some new parts look good value, there appears to be suggestions the standard and quality aren’t always as good as they should be. I would be very keen to find out any sites where you can determine the original spec of the vehicle when it left the factory. The V5C shows it as black car!! Any suggestions would be appreciated.. i attach some photos of the current state of play. I now just need my brother in law to clear his furniture from my garage so the fun can begin, putting it back together. The main areas i am considering improvements on and need device are; the power steering conversion that has been started. (See photos) are there any forums or articles detailing how this is completed. any advice on paint removal from ally panels. (I suspect blasting is too abrasive, not sure about chemical dipping, resin discs in a grinder or is a DA Sander the best way forward). I do not yet know how many layers of paint there are. Thanks in advance for any thoughts, tips or contacts i may need...
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