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  1. Now that I've finally found the correct replacement belts and got the engine running smoothly, I have been driving the fleet of Land Rovers around the property and diagnosing other issues. When driving over some un-even terrain, I noticed that one of the vehicles would easily rock side to side and make a clunking noise. After inspection it seems that bottom nut of the shock absorber is hitting the bottom of the spring mounting plate. There seems to be a considerable gap either side. Can this be easily adjusted or does it mean the shocks need to be replaced?
  2. Thanks for the useful information in finding the correct replacement belts. Our vehicles definitely have the same belt arrangement. I guess as these vehicle were in service in Singapore they used different replacement belts. Water Pump - Mitsuboshi RECMF8420 Alternator - Bando RPF5490 Vacuum - Mitsuboshi RECMF1325 I've had to remove the belts from all 3 vehicles to find the part numbers. Managed to get a few replacement belts but the alternator is proving difficult, cant find anywhere to buy the belt here despite having the part number.
  3. Hey Phill, I'm glad that I found your post as I'm also currently restoring 3 similar ex-military land rovers from Singapore. The photos and information on your Facebook page are extremely interesting, but now making me think there's going to be much more work required than I initially thought! Would you be able to share the part numbers for the alternator, water pump and vacuum pump if they're visible? Also of mine are in bad condition and have stretched. I've really struggled finding the right sizes from the VIN number (this just returns parts for a 12J engine) Best of luck with the project and I'll share a picture of the vehicles im working on soon Dan
  4. Correct, I've just checked the engine numbers on the vehicles and they all start with 18J
  5. Here's a good diagram of the layout from the MOD operation information manual
  6. @deep I was actually going to send you a message after seeing some pictures of your vehicle. The layout of the belts looked identical. Just wondering if there's a mechanic's manual for the military vehicles. Failing that I will remove the belts and measure. Added complication of trying to find parts in Japan for 3 vehicles...
  7. The vehicle is ex Singapore military so the belts have been replaced with alternative brands, unfortunately one of the belts is badly worn without any markings visable. Is there an additional parts number manual for the military vehicles?
  8. Last year my company imported 3 military spec Land Rover Defenders into Japan. I've now got the task of getting them running and on the road. All of the vehicles have an issue with loose belts, so as part of the service I want to replace all of them. 1987 Defender 110 (24V) 2.5 NA Diesel I previously purchased a load of servicable parts from John Craddock in the UK including a set of belts. But unforunately they seem different to what is currently on each vehicle. To save confusion can anyone provide part numbers or a diagram for these belts?
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