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  1. Hi Guys you have all been very helpful many thanks for that Im going to Bailey Morris they make a new one to suit wide angle for £265 so Im happy
  2. My vehicle is a 110 2002 and the shaft i need has to fit 59.5 cm and the nearest off shelf is a 60 cm closed one so still to long!! any suggestions for landrovers forever
  3. I decided to put it on as its a chunky good axle and my baby deserves the best Im trying to find a fit
  4. Mine at present has the rover diff but the new one I have is a salisbury for sure bought from Mod
  5. I will get them posted as soon as snow clears but its defo a salisbury as i bought it already put together new from Army
  6. As you can tell im a novice . Yes it has a rover one and I have a rebuilt Salisbury fully loaded I bought from the army so apart from a shorter prop are there any other issues. And how long would the prop be? thanks for your help
  7. Help please guys I have a defender year 2002 and have been making a serious project of it for years and very near complete!! One problem its ex military and I have a new Diff front axle all built but I noticed the pan is longer so the propshaft is 60cm to long any ideas what I can do to overcome the problem
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