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  1. That is the manner that all my JLR servicing was handled in my last new purchase Defenders were handled. That is up until the last one when the dealer started saying I had to take the vehicle in to pick up the loaner. Such was the inability to fix issues first time round on my last new (old style) Defender I got rid of it. I just couldn't be bothered with the inconvenience. I'm in the UK, nearest dealerships now 20-30 miles.
  2. Keuring is good wood but hideously heavy. My big Ifor needs doing and will be looking at some of the commercial boarding made from recycled plastics in due course. I wont be fixing it with anything that requires drilling the boards but rather use a light mastic adhesive.
  3. ^^^Good advice. Of all the jobs I've tackled on countless Land Rovers over the years removing umpteen layers of MOD camouflage paint ranks up there as one of the worse. Sometimes you get lucky and find the adhesion of the first layer or two to the factory finish isn't that great but often it's stuck fast like cats shyte to a blanket. Experimentation is key but if you try abrasion then don't forget to mask up, likewise with decent strippers, find gloves that are able to cope with the chemicals. Good luck
  4. I recall big water ingress problems either side of the windscreen frame on the early ones and well remember a photo in the AWDC mag showing someone holding an umbrella over the front roof of a hardtop 110 as it was peeing down with rain ...which was then peeing in the footwell. .
  5. Indeed as I am sure my numerous friends across the pond will attest. BTW My comments were somewhat tongue in cheek πŸ™„
  6. Maybe so but that is probably what quite a number of folks I know would think.
  7. Hmmm, quite like that, in a funny sort of way it looks a bit more straightforward and less funny that the Pretender. Not sure I'm a ball cap wearing "whoop, whoop, all riiiiiiight, yahooo, yeah" kinda guy though so I'm probably ruled out from owning one.
  8. Social history and observation don't ya know 🧐
  9. It's really a load of rowlocks for the trendy urban original Defender brigade, there are allegedly forums elsewhere that full of them. What flavour clay bar and interrior shampoos are fashionable this week?
  10. "Representing arguably the ultimate version of Land Rover's iconic Defender..." I think a few of us would be quite happy to argue that point.
  11. I wish I could work up enough enthusiasm to actually book a test drive but the vehicle, reviews and marketing are not proving enough to actually want to try it, let alone buy one.
  12. Early Puma clutch plate springs used to develop a rattle fairly quickly and in fact were the subject of a recall and upgrade replacement. I remember mine want back not long after I'd bought my 2007 new but that said would have thought virtually all would have had clutch replacements by now. My later Puma's didn't suffer the same issue.
  13. And the award for the most annoying presenter and presentation goes too... ...someone known as Superblondie
  14. I bought new Defenders, I may by a Grenadier ....so what does that prove? Anyone who calls it a "Grenny" needs a serious talking to.
  15. We have just launched a new section in the Market Place intended for use by LR4x4 members to advertise and hopefully find buyers for any items that are not suitable to be placed in the forum's well established LR4x4. We've kept rules to a minimum*.. No Animal Sales or Wants Nothing Sexual, Illegal, Racist, Homophobic, ....you get the idea. ANYTHING you fancy selling non LR4x4 related you now can. Remember use of this section is for full members only. So without further waffle you will find this new facility here: For Sale - And yes even the kitchen
  16. Subtle way of asking for tiny condoms Mo 🀣
  17. I believe I would prefer the tag line to be in some nice eye catching medieval type font as it will add some gravitas to the proceedings, or maybe some swirly copperplate script will add a touch of class 😎
  18. Like a virtual naughty step you mean? 🧐
  19. I checked the original competition etc other day and "Independent Minds - Shared Ideas" was the one, I see no need to address it all again. I quite like the ambiguity, if this forum is to survive it needs to cater to a broad cross section which is one reason why we now have a section devoted to the Ineos Grenadier.
  20. With thanks to elbekko for the new logo as it was he who won the logo competition ...a while back.
  21. Interpreter! Interpreter! Is there an interpreter in the house than can translate please?
  22. If I were you I would stop right there! For starters you really do need to check the pushrods and valve gear properly ...and not just a visual check in situ.
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