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  1. 10 hours ago, Jon W said:

    They look a lot better with proper tyres on don't they. Mitsubushi are pulling out of the UK market, so the L200 will no longer be available soon, so hence many are making the switch over to Isuzu. I don't know why Mitsubushi and Nissan are pulling out as they have a fair chunk of the UK pickup market. VW Amarok has been stopped also due to emissions and it is rumoured they are making a pickup with Ford?


    The new Isuzu has been made with a helping hand from Mazda apparently and hence the step up in interior quality from what i have read.



    This why I went with the new Isuzu.

  2. 9 hours ago, Jon W said:


    I have had mine 10 days and put about 900 miles on it. Tested it out at work and it seems to do the job, not had it in any mud, as we are in a drought, but took it up some steep grass hills on the mountain and it was fine. Towed horse box with it with it last night and wife said it like it wasn't there. 
    I have come from a 150bhp car to a 164bhp pickup so doesnt feel the most spritely, but it is more than adequate and it pulls well with 2nd turbo kicking in around 2k rpm. Mine is the manual and i didnt test drive any before getting it, an auto may have neen nice but didnt want to risk it, having not driven one and also avaialbility.
    Rides nice. Mine is the DL20 but it has some nice features, heated seats, parking sensors, cruise and speed limter. DL40 you get most bells and whistles on like revers camera electric seats. 
    The safety features as with most new cars can be a bit annoying, speed limits pings and self steer away from white lines. you can turn these off but they turn back on when igntion is restarted. 
    A lot of people say the isuzu is the most Defender type of pickup on the market as it has a bit more of an agricutlural feel to it and grumble of the engine and the most simple in term of tech. But i don't find it obtrusive. Bluetooth phone quality is excellent according to my customers i have spoken to when using it. 
    Seats, havent quite got mine into the right positon yet and i get a stiff shoulder but that might just be any injury at the moment as it happended after driving the defender also. I think the DL40 had 8way adjustable electric seats, rather than 6 way manual seats??
    I like it and would recommend it. Local tractor dealer seems very helpful as well. Your only issue will be acutally getting hold of one as they are in short supply at the moment apparently. 
    There are some sensible accessory pack you can add as required, which include bedliners/canopy matts/tow bar etc which make it cheaper than adding individually
    Will let you know if i have any issues.


    Thanks Jon, much appreciated.

    Well a decision has been made, I am buying a new top spec all the bells and whistles D Max V Cross auto complete with canopy, liner, tailgate damper and one or two other bits and bobs. The 5 years / 125k warranty, 5 year UK & EU roadside assistance, 12 year anti corrosion warranty and car like speed limits helped sway the decision. That said so too did the fit and finish, equipment levels and drive of the vehicle plus, a very big plus in fact, the demeanour of the small, family owned dealership I found. Not sure how I overlooked  them when I was looking for something to replace the two year old Defender I got rid of 5 years ago.

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  3. 9 hours ago, rusty_wingnut said:

    Did I mention how lovely my 4.4TDV8 is?! You wouldnt even know you're towing most of the time, fantastic engine.


    As for Happy, why not treat yourself to a Series 1 sir? I can highly reccomend a chap who could build one to your spec for a lot less than you might think.

    I treated myself not to a S1 but some goodness from February 1943 instead...

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  4. Two months on and still no new truck on the place - but I have not been idle.

    I'm not sure I want to hang on to my 3.2 auto facelift Ranger until Ineos have finished developing and launched the Grenadier. While the Ranger is immaculate and faultless with only just over 11,000 miles on the clock in the last few days it has turned 5 years old. I don't really want to gamble on having one of the first Grenadiers as I would rather let others be the real world testers before laying down the cash, this means that practically it could be 18 months to 2 years before I can definitely say I like what I've seen and heard of the new vehicle here's my money Jim. This means I am looking for something that will do what the Ranger has done so well in the last five years before investing in something that could well serve me for the rest of my driving life [I turned 60 something or other this past weekend so fingers crossed, touch wood etc etc hoping that the Big C stays away]. 

    So, I have looked at various options from various manufacturers new to second hand. I was toying with a s/h L405 but I don't know, I've done Range Rovers in the past and finding a decent one at the right price is a chore. Trailing around viewing secondhand stuff fills me with trepidation now since a recent antibody test revealed that my illness and subsequent chemo has left me with virtually no immunity not only from C19 [despite two jabs] but also from any other bug and nasty. Things that would usually not be an issue prior to getting ill but could well be serious for me now. All this applies to the Defender Wolf which I quite fancied too but they are all getting a bit long in the tooth - of course what I really should have done was keep hold of any one of the last Defenders I bought new but constant issues and attempted warranty fixes that failed became a joke, especially with my which was made in the last year of production. Dealer support and "courtesy" became a joke and source of real annoyance. A new Defender? Sorry I just can't work up the enthusiasm for a test drive let alone splash out on one.

    So that leaves the usual range of pick-ups and nowadays it's hard to get a fag paper between them the various offerings are that similar. I like the Ranger, unlike JLR now there is a Ford dealership within easy striking distance in most of the UK, there are plenty about around here which is usually a good sign, parts supply is good, they are easily serviced, drive well, tow very well and with decent tyres will do what I need off road around here most of the time, the biggest moan I would have about mine are the abysmal headlamps, they truly are appalling. So why not a new one? Good question, I tested one and there is no doubt the bi turbo 2.2 TDCI feels a touch livelier than my 3.2 and the steering a tad lighter but apart from that everything is the same and as much as I like it I fancy a change.

    I could rattle on and on in much the same vein and doubtless some will disagree with my opinions but it would be a boring all world if we all had the same views and opinions wouldn't it. Anyway, I may have found a new vehicle that I actually quite like. Today I test drove the new Isuzu D Max - and like it. Ok it has a smaller engine than my 3.2 Ranger but it felt a bit more perky than the 2.2 TDCI Ranger. The 6 speed auto felt better in terms of smooth changes and ratios than the 6 speed auto in my Ranger and on a par with the latest 10 speed. Being a bit lighter means I think I am right in saying the D Max is not hindered by falling within the commercial speed limits as my Ranger does. Selecting 2WDH / 4WDH is instant and can be done on the fly up to 60MPH. 4WDL is adequate. Towing is as per the Ranger up to 3.5 ton max. Rear diff lock comes as standard on the models I'm interested in. Bits in the engine bay are accessible and not hidden under acres of plastic. The cabin is a pleasant place to be. 

    Yeah, out of all the pickups the new D Max appeals. 

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  5. Just now, simonr said:

    Several of the videos make it quite clear, Ineos are not interested in the 'hobby' customers who fix / modify vehicles themselves - they are after the utility market, which to be fair is much bigger.

    While many of us do buy new vehicles, I suspect the majority of us don't - and we don't represent their intended use case either.  I would have been more surprised if they had responded.


    True indeed but in my ever so humble opinion thought it was worth a shot.

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  6. Those last two or three videos have, in my view, been the most informative to date.

    As an aside, and I am not sure if it has been mentioned before in this section or elsewhere, but after a chat among the A&M team back in October 2020 Jeremy 996 sent an email to Ineos on behalf of LR4x4. The idea was to inform them of the existence of our forum, that we are independent and self funded, that our membership has a wealth of knowledge in the 'practical side of 4x4 ownership / operation / maintenance / design / fabrication' etc. Jeremy also mentioned that we had set up a section entirely devoted to the Ineos Grenadier and that some of the comments from our members may be of interest and potentially of assistance to them.

    We asked for nothing, it was just a courtesy "reach out" to a new manufacturer who seem to be striving to produce something of interest to a number of our members. 

    I think I am right in believing Jeremy has yet to receive any form of reply.

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  7. I'm actively looking for a replacement 4x4 but still not inspired or tempted enough to book a test drive of the new model which to me is just a bit samey, just another urban pose wagon. As far as I'm concerned what few JLR dealers there are left in East Anglia are apathetic toward customers who have purchased new vehicles from them in the past, I've had 0 contact, 0, nothing, nada. The new model is notable by its absence around here, I think I caught a glimpse of the backend of one disappearing around a corner in the local town last week but that is the sum total so far. I doubt I will be splashing out what I feel is an unreasonable amount of money on something that just makes me feel - a bit 'meh'.

    14 minutes ago, Chicken Drumstick said:

    I can't really see how liking live axles is a luddite view. 🙄

    It's his view, respect it.

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  8. 3 hours ago, jeremy996 said:

    They had an issue with balancing of prop shafts which the better dealers corrected before delivery. The Cossacks seemed to be slightly better inspected, but the build was always a little approximate!

    IIRC The transfer box was / is mounted by two bolts into bushed brackets bolted to the floorpan, one each side of the transmission tunnel at what seemed like the point of balance of the box. The bushed brackets were shimmed and it was these that had a lot to do with transmission vibration. My first Niva [LHD] was initially quite harsh but messing about adding and subtracting shim plates of various thicknesses helped the manners a lot. I eventually fitted a set of aggressive 700x16 directional tyres which sang like a banshee on road but made the vehicle ace in the muck. The second Niva [RHD], in a strange fawn / beige colour, was much better adjusted from the off so I spent far less time faffing with that one.   

  9. There's no doubt about it that it is a bit of a worry. I'm currently feeling a bit abandoned care wise, after the last PET scan early last month I was declared free of cancer [was grade IV meaning it had spread from its initial site to various organs], I had a telephone consultation with the chap in charge of my care and treatment on the 19th of last month during which I reported a number of issues I still had and that I felt the same as I did when receiving chemo but as these are not rare [still painful and life changing though] he was not unduly concerned. I was then told the next time they would contact would be for another telephone consultation in September. The majority of people in the Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer support group that have finished their chemo are or have been subject to regular blood tests wether in remission or not just to monitor what's going on. I was subject to daily bloods, sometimes several times a day and this continued during treatment as an outpatient. Strange how these things vary from consultant to consultant, hospital to hospital, trust to trust.

    Damn another long, totally off topic post about me. Sorry guys, I'm still pretty much shielding until I can take the antibody test in a week or two and I may have picked up a touch of cabin fever despite wearing a mask. I may have to complain to Da Management 😁

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  10. As you say it is a lottery. My GP diagnosed pulled stomach muscles based solely on what I'd said and advised rest and painkillers. Several days later, unable to keep any food or drink down and in acute pain I asked my wife to take me to A&E, good job she obliged.

  11. I owned two Niva's in the dim and distant past. There were not many about in the UK back then, the first, complete with a wiring loom who's colour codes appeared to be hand painted , seemed to corrode and dissolve before your very eyes was a decent enough thing Offroad but pretty dire day to day onroad. The second was a much better drive all-round but still had trim that seemed to be vacuum formed out of recycled yoghurt pots. I think I still have the pukka hardcover Russian repair manual around somewhere.

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  12. 11 hours ago, missingsid said:

    I wanted to respond to you with a supportive comment,  but it is not easy to write to someone who has experienced events such as those you have at the risk of sounding trite or contrascedning.

    So I for one appreciate you comment though you have no need to explain and wish you renewed health and longevity.



    Thank you for your thoughtful and kind words and wishes. I  confess to invariably being being a bit embarrassed rereading my own posts recently as they tend to make me acutely aware that I have merely trodden the same path as millions before me and that sadly many more will follow. I recently heard or read somewhere that apparently one in two people will contract the B'stard Big C disease at some point in their lives, I never thought I'd be one of them - grrrrrr.

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  13. On 6/24/2021 at 9:46 PM, deep said:

    Fair call but, if you're old truck is still working, that's actually a blessing and much cheaper than getting a new one.  I reckon, based on where they are with testing, that they're probably only a year away now.  It might seem like a very long time when the big C has been to visit - on the other hand I'd have thought, in the circumstances, that the brand of car you drove would be of very trivial importance?  I had my own scare nine years ago and I know it rearranged my perspectives a bit.

    I have attempted to respond to the above on three separate occasions all have been rather too personal and rather too long. So all I shall say is what one person perceives as trivial is potentially going to be different to another.
    My initial diagnosis last year was terminal cancer with not much time left, three weeks or so later it changed to a different and  potentially treatable cancer. There then followed discomfort, pain, tests, treatment, pretty unpleasant side effects etc Then, just just last month, and to my complete surprise, I was informed that I was in complete remission. All the aforementioned has changed my outlook concerning rather a lot of things. If I am able, and wish to spend some money on a new vehicle now you might understand why I might get a tad impatient having had some tough lessons on life being so short and hold on it so tenuous. As an aside a friend of mine passed away this week. He was a bit younger than me and diagnosed with the B'stard Big C after me. We all have our stories to tell, some of mine have impacted on the amount of patience I have for certain things ...which is why I posted what I did on Wednesday 🙂

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  14. After my recent, and rather unpleasant brush with the Big C I just hope I live long enough to be able to be able to perhaps buy one of these things because I grow bored of this seemingly endless drip, drip of promotional material and videos. I was a keen supporter of the idea of a pukka, well thought out, reasonably priced, capable utility 4x4 but time is relentlessly rolling by and the more it passes and the more videos I see I'm regrettably beginning to see more of a fat Santana PS-10 or Iveco Massif than I do any original overall body design features. My truck is overdue for replacement but I look around at what's available at sensible money and just shrug my shoulders and sigh due to complete and utter boredom. 

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