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  1. Please God no, not a discussion about waving on this forum ...before we know it someone will refer to the new thing as a Landy 😜 Nurse, the vomit bucket please, I'm feeling a little... 🤮
  2. Good dealer network spread that : Genuinely know the product. That are not full of sales people who only know how to punch a keyboard and operate the coffee machine. Service staff and technicians who have good product knowledge, really care and don't expect customers knowledge as never having advanced from the Ladybird Book Of Cars & Lorries. The vehicle should offer: Decent corrosion protection. Be manufactured with an eye to longevity. Robust towing points. Real knobs and switches as opposed to an over reliance on touchscreen controls. Th
  3. Unless I've missed something I would think , although I don't know, that they are aiming it at the commercial market, which after all was one of the prime sectors LR catered for before they got all wrapped up in the lifestyle and executive BS.
  4. Yep, except I'm highly unlikely to opt for a new Defender, based on the marketing and stereotypical target customer base it just won't be my scene. My truck is up for renewal this year but I'll stall for a bit and see how the Grenadier goes.
  5. Frankly you can't please everyone all the time. No matter what the final body design they came up with there would be those who it clicked with and those that it wouldn't. The market will decide either way.
  6. Aww bless 'em, no harm in wishful thinking ....until it all goes mammaries up!
  7. A lot of the 1930's stuff I've restored in the past have steel manifold studs in block and long brass nuts that cover the entire length of the stud, or two shorter brass nuts that do the same job. They would generally undo without issue even after decades of use - as long as the thread hadn't been pulled through over tightening.
  8. ^^^^ 13 years ...lightweight 😆 He makes a few valid points though.
  9. From that article.. "However, last month the Intellectual Property Office decided that the Defender’s shape was not different enough from that of other 4×4 models for a trademark to be justified. JLR is fighting the verdict in the High Court. The company said: “The Defender is an iconic vehicle which is part of Jaguar Land Rover’s past, present and future. “Its unique shape is recognised around the world, with the heritage shape being protected in other key markets.” JLR is fiercely protective of its Defender. In 2016, it prevented a Canadian company from using the name ‘Def
  10. Imagining the scene where JLR lawyers are scrutinising these videos and images and considering whether the outward appearance of the Grenadier resembles their classic product rather too closely....
  11. I'm ahead of you in that and suggested just that in the A&M section earlier this morning 😉
  12. Interesting. I daresay had this body design been revealed when the old Defender was still in production there may have been comments about it resembling a Santana or a mashup of cues from elsewhere. However with the new Defender on the scene and looking more like an illegitimate Discovery love match the Grenadier looks rather more like the legitimate heir to the old Defender's place at the table. Technology and mechanics aside I rather like the looks of it. Could well be interested.
  13. Oh he is still around believe me... 😈
  14. What's all this, jovial and sometimes friendly banter on LR4x4? Surely this isn't right and must be suppressed at all costs! 🤣😷🤡
  15. I think I'll just carry on as I have been for a while longer yet, I'm quite content to let others dip a toe in uncharted waters for now.
  16. Steady on their Mo, strange things lurk around that area.....
  17. Ah, while the marketing may suggest otherwise their target consumer base is going to be far less demanding than those who wish to travel to remote places.
  18. My truck has audio, heat, aircon and a plethora of other controls available via the touchscreen. Below that heating, aircon and audio controls are also available via conventional pushbuttons, knobs and switches - madness.
  19. The vehicle is still not floating my boat, aesthetics and engineering aside I'm not sure I have patience to learn how to operate all the dashboard "stuff". I just want to get in a vehicle and be able to operate the "stuff" almost by intuition, all these videos showing people sitting there trying to fathom out bits and bobs on the touchscreen etc is off putting. BTW that's from someone who currently has two late model vehicles both with touchscreens and others in recent years too.
  20. Yep, you only have to look back to see how many folks on this forum actually went out and bought new LR's in the past.
  21. Had several old Land Rovers in years gone by and liked the spare on the bonnet and maybe one out the back too. That is until one day the prop collapsed while I was messing about servicing under the bonnet, not a pleasant. experience. You'll have to have some chunky gas props and strengthening to cope. Apart from obscuring the view [but you quickly get used to this] another drawback is the effect it has on the windscreen washers when travelling at speed as the turbulence behind the wheel tends to send the spray all over the place. Also, you tend to get a pool of rainwater in teh wheel, or
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