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  1. These are useful reviews, better than those featuring trendy journo's hacking it round a bit of dirt.
  2. I must remember to watch some of these reviews the next time I can't get to sleep as I find some are more than a little soporific... 😴
  3. What's a mild hybrid? Calm, even tempered, slow to anger?
  4. Will I buy my next new vehicle based on whether some random stranger is going to wave back at me.... errrr ahhhh hmmmm No
  5. Behave chaps please, there's enough cr@p in this world at the moment without animosity within these hallowed portals. You'll notice I haven't quoted anyone so don't have a go at me thinking my general comments are aimed at you specifically.
  6. Probably the best serious recent post in this thread. Musing is one thing but this is like a merry go round. The vehicle is a reality, it is what it is, buy one or don't buy one. Simples. Sorry but in the grand scheme of things globally at the moment it's not particularly important.
  7. Well I was alert when I popped down to the village shop to pick up some milk and bread at the weekend, alert to the shed loads of people who emerged blinking into the sunlight who flooded onto the roads around the place. Never seen so many pale, pram pushing, backpack wearing individuals shambling about. there were cyclists everywhere too, quite off putting, I was glad to get out of it ...people urgh 😷
  8. Tell that to the thousands who are now dead or incapacitated.
  9. Oh it will be seen as a roughty roughty offroader by those suburban and city types with money who wouldn't know a real roughty toughty offroader if they saw one.
  10. ...still easier to paint it. Some conventional lightbars, especially the USA stuff like the Federal Signal Jetsonics and Streethawks from the '90's had a black strip painted across the top section of the domes to prevent the sun washing out the flash patterns.
  11. Or just a slight mutation of the current number one in the hit parade.
  12. Do any other old farts like me remember the 1970's UK tv series "Survivors"? It's rather dated now but watching the intro and a few minutes of the first episode revived memories and struck a cord with regard to the world today...
  13. I used to do a fair bit with lightbars from the States back in the day, I used to buy a product from one of the big suppliers over there that was specially formulated to revive and restore domes that has discoloured, yellowed, tarnished or gone mat through dust and sand abrasion. For the life of me I can't recall what it was called just now but it would work like no other compounds, abrasives or other plastic re-finishers. Clear domes that had been used for years on NYPD or other PD vehicles that had turned beige and mat would restore to virtually new appearance, and what's more they would sta
  14. Farecla G3 compound. Sorted. Or if you don't want to have it lit at any point in the future then just spray it white, or silver etc.
  15. That's the thing, there are so many unknowns, herd immunity with regard to C19 is just one of them.
  16. Aunty Beeb reporting new clusters of C19 cases somewhere in China [didn't catch exactly where] forcing reintroduction of certain restrictions. Who would have thought 🙄
  17. Or just the reality bubble 😁
  18. Sorry chaps, there are two sides to get out of the bed and I got out the wrong one this morning, seems I also picked up the wrong pair of specs 😉 Happy days ...I wish.
  19. Ok apologies. But no you can't add horse riders into the mix.
  20. Nope, certainly not. Without wishing to open up a well worn debate about horses on the roads it wouldn't have hurt you to have stopped while the horse and rider passed safely by and were well clear of your property. Courtesy costs £0.
  21. These are working strain so programmed to hunt and flush so are busy and active. I've always had Labs and saw so many manic and out of control Springers on shoots I swore I would never have one. The moral here is never say never! Mine is my shadow, very loyal and quite a character. I'm keeping at least one pup, two are going to new homes this week, another may possibly be spoken for so one left ...decisions decisions. What amazes me is the number of people who now want working strain gundogs just for pets.
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