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  1. These are working strain so programmed to hunt and flush so are busy and active. I've always had Labs and saw so many manic and out of control Springers on shoots I swore I would never have one. The moral here is never say never! Mine is my shadow, very loyal and quite a character. I'm keeping at least one pup, two are going to new homes this week, another may possibly be spoken for so one left ...decisions decisions. What amazes me is the number of people who now want working strain gundogs just for pets.
  2. No, it passed the taste test, quite fresh in fact🤣🤣🤣 In reality they are in the shade under a tree so it's just the reflection of the leaves.
  3. Not bored at all, as ever there's so much to do and never enough time - or inclination to do all of it. These have been keeping us distracted though
  4. They are doing their best, just the same as most right minded folks. People will find fault whatever colour government are in place, it's what people do and of course it's dead easy but it's not so easy if they were the ones trying to pick a path through this or that minefield. The media has much to answer for. The worm has slowly turned recently and instead of promoting a general sense of national unity the tone is one of criticism and opportunistic point scoring which has a real effect on the sheeple of this land. This is an emergency on a global scale, yet the obsession with devolved reg
  5. Well, I'm staying in my bunker holdout. We are fortunate in that we own the property and a bit of land and don't have a mortgage to pay. Just the occasional 5 minute trip down to the village to resupply essentials and that's it for us, the animal feeds are being delivered so no issue there. My son has been doing a mix of working from home [still not sure what a production facility maintenance engineer can do at home other than updating records] and now having to go in as they are planning to restart production soon but he is the only one "going out", the rest here are either working from home
  6. And what if the gradual increase in individual movements and contact results in a second wave, what then? The virus has not gone away and we could find ourselves back to where we were, or worse could we not?
  7. Thoughts on BJ's announcement this evening?
  8. ^^^^ Land Rover have lived off the back of the "Expedition" ethos for many a year and rightly so but now? Trendy middle class types driving in luxury to parts that thousands have gone before, come on. The days of "Dr Livingstone I presume" are long gone. Marketing and journo bullcarp.
  9. Only quoting what others have said so no need to be so offended, besides those of us might just include me.
  10. Rich neurotic types. Beardy types. ...and that's only on this page, good to see class consciousness is still alive and well in 21st Century pandemic ridden Great Britain😆 Come on guys, only a page or two to go before this thread reaches the century, you can do it! Things ain't what they used to be, new = bad / ugly, complicated & unreliable. Old + classic, good / simple, fixable & reliable. The less your initial capital outlay and more dents and shyte you collect on and in your motor the more real your existence right? 😉😉😉🤣
  11. Don't you mean lunch then a tame ride through some pleasant scenery?
  12. Is a managed adventure a bit like extremely safe sex? 😆
  13. Eeeew, horrible mucky things, just not what we like to see in between the potted plants, leather sofas and coffee machines in our showrooms now.
  14. Sorry if I've missed it but had anyone here actually had the virus? BTW: Work to live, not live to work. Your job or profession does not define who you are, your character and personality does that. Well, that's what I think anyway🙂
  15. Come on lads, 97 pages and counting, surely we can make the 100 without someone here saying they've ordered one 🤣🤣🤣
  16. There is much talk among the social media chattering classes about how many "other" people seem to be getting out and about more over the past few days and how much more traffic there is on the roads. Can't say I've noticed that around here where we are lucky if we see a tractor and the postie once a day.
  17. I suggest you extricate the body which seems to be trapped by its feet between the bumper and wing before attempting to ship it anywhere 😆
  18. No, not useless at all, all things considered tending to our offspring is one of our most important and vital tasks in life.
  19. Why not chip and and tattoo barcodes on the arms of every newborn child and have the info available to every government official, then extend the scheme to all adults? After all if you have nothing to hide what is the problem? Yeah right, "Papiere, Bitte"....
  20. Yep, humanity comes in all shapes and character types there will always be the idiots, stupid, thoughtless, uncaring and downright malicious. There always has been, always will be for as long as humanity survives.
  21. I had to leave our property and drive a few miles to our doctors surgery to pick up my monthly repeat prescriptions, furthest I've driven in weeks and it felt somewhat odd. Surprised at the amount of traffic considering it was all rural lanes and B roads, cyclists all over the place too. Our place is a few miles away from our nearest village yet there are loudly chattering walkers everywhere, off the footpaths, around the headlands and up and down our track that has no public access rights. Just an observation. This is a thought provoking and sobering thread, interesting though.
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