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  1. Hey - I do appreciate you flagging that up - hadn't realised there was a for sale section on the forum! However, having totted up costs of getting it from Derby to Penzance, plus an overhaul kit etc, I'm going to stick to plan A and modify the unit I've got. It's only done 3,500 miles, and apart from that I've already started dismantling it. Thanks though Phill
  2. Yeah I know. I've driven vehicles before now with crash gearbox on all 4 gears, that's not really a problem. Loss of momentum is certainly the thing, and I guess that all comes down to skill and judgement. Yeah I know, but it's what I've got and with only 3,500 miles on the clock it's going to be what I'm working with for the next little while. I'm not really expecting unduly heavy loads ever, but there are fundamental laws of nature that will catch a person out at some point.
  3. Thanks guys for the collective wisdom. I'm probably worrying unnecessarily about the potential downsides of upping the LT230 gearing to 1.4 on my 110, but remember I only have 39BHP at 1,800 RPM - hence the concerns. So if I need hill start capability at heavy load, I can be pretty certain I'll be able to use the low ratios and not be burning up the clutch unnecessarily. Thanks all Phill
  4. Planning to up the LT230 gearing from 1.667 to 1.41 on my 1987 110 NA 2.5 diesel - currently in bits. One concern is losing hill start capability at higher loadings, and thinking about how the low ratio could be used to help out in this case. So the simple question is, how easy is it to change from low to high ratio while moving? I don't want to end up with a compromised vehicle. The best written information I've been able to find on this is from the Army Equipment Support Operation Information manual, Chapter 3 (can't locate where I found this document now!): 5.1.4 Changes from low
  5. Ok! Incidentally,. should anybody wish to know, there's a handy calculator here that will take you between torque and HP: https://spicerparts.com/calculators/horsepower-torque-calculator Seems to give the right answers on my checks. Then at least you can get two points on a graph. My gutsy 18J will then put out a magnificent 39.1BHP at 1,800 RPM Oh dear...
  6. Hi Simon - thanks for the offer, but not really what I'm looking for. I'm sure somebody will want it though, maybe a for sale ad on here would be worthwhile? Course I do! I like cake. Maybe I was being a little flippant with: I guess I was just meaning the most pragmatic solution. Simplest is usually best. So: Is exactly what I was looking for. As before, my knowledge of alternators is limited to simple replacement of existing models. So yes, the old military type connector has to go, and that's simple enough. As long as I can find an acceptable pulley and mounti
  7. 1.31 it is then! I'll report back on how it goes...
  8. Thanks for your insights - that's really useful and just what I was looking for! So my conclusion is that with what I believe to be a very good engine (3,500 miles, 1,100 running hours, looking good inside), and a low ratio gearbox, my best option is going to be the Ashcroft 1.3 ratio LT230 gear set. If I compare what I would get in terms of the MPH and RPM that the Ashcroft ratio calculator spits out, then for my vehicle I get the following engine RPM: Ratio 1.41 1.31 10MPH in 1st 2,158 1,991 <- a
  9. Yup - been using that, although it told me my 50A box had different ratios than the Mil-spec that it actually has. I'm as certain as I can be that I'm the first person inside there. Lost a little confidence in it after that, but then maybe my box is some kind of "special"? As Junglie has said above, great to hear your experiences. Another good reason to replace the massive 24v alternator I've currently got then. But no Radio 4? Just before I start ordering up the Ashcroft 1.4 gears, what did you think of my logic in the opening blurb about ending up with the driving characteristic
  10. ...here's the guy I want to move away from: Mug to give a general perspective. A couple more: Had a scrub at the plate there, but it wasn't giving away any secrets. No idea what sort of output it gives
  11. 24,000 options for you to consider And there's the problem in a nutshell! Which one of those bad boys is going to just slot in where the 12v alternator would sit, using the same brackets and all? Am following up the suggestions made so far, and.....
  12. Hi Simon - started writing it out but it started looking like the Merlin ship recovery flight test programme. I'll carry on with with my estimation methods Thanks anyway He's hoping for something good to be dropped in there
  13. Hi Simon - I suppose what I'm looking for is the same sizeish as the regular 12v job that will sit in the same place as on a standard 19j engine. Never having seen one of those I don't really know how big it is. I'll measure up the one I want to replace tomorrow and get back to you; Thanks for the offer
  14. Hi Simon - is your vehicle running or have you started taking it to bits already? Have some questions for you if it's still running. You might want to fib. So a couple of items update. Apparently the 0.77 ratio can't be put into the suffix E LT77 and earlier boxes. Also my tooth count shows my LT77 gear ratios are way lower than I was expecting. My first gear ratio comes out at 3.985. That's 4 to you and me. To eliminate any other surprises I checked the LT230. That's still in one piece but I was able to eyeball it at 1.6. Similarly the front axle (still on the vehicle) comes out at 3.5 -
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