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  1. @Ed Poorein terms of off-roading more of mudding and wading and in terms of towing i was planning tow a massive trailer and in vehicle recovery
  2. I will usually use it to tow things and a 6x6 is better in slippery conditions as it has more traction
  3. I am planning to make it 6 wheel drive as I am planning on using it to tow and to go off-road I will have look at that Steve and I am aware of that western
  4. I have done a rough sketch of what I want to build for those interested
  5. thanks for the quick replies paime I will have a look and Reb i am looking for a 4 door defender but I can't remember what number they are
  6. Hi all, I am currently planning on doing a 6X6 conversion on a defender 90 but i can't find anything for the drivetrain please help Thank you
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