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  1. Plumb bobs are. Good idea as well as chalk marks. hopefully I will remember to which end goes in first 😃
  2. i imagine that one of the hardest parts of the refit will be perfectly re aligning the chassis to the body for the mounting bolts(as i need to move the chassis for access ) and not snagging any cables
  3. thanks L19mud, i hadnt considered that , this looks more like making something to bolt on through the body to chassis mounting points for the lift.
  4. thanks escape, i was lead to beieive that engine out with body on was way harder and took far more time, thats why is was looking to take body off. unfortunately havent got enough room for a ramp. many thanks for the input, more to think about.
  5. im thinking that if i use a wooden block under where the 2 post pads go, and then jack up about 6 inches i should be able to put something between the cab and chassis to allow the raising of the body
  6. thanks bowie69 im lifting the body so that i can swap the engine as the current one is knocking its txxx off.
  7. Hi stellaghost, that sounds like a better plan im wondering now if i could lift it about 4 inches and then slide 2 beams across from side to side for more stability? cheers
  8. thanks elbekko, i will check to see if there anything there i can bolt a jig to cheers
  9. thanks garrycol i am going to make a gantry to enable me to lift the cab but it is where and how to attach to the body which im unsure of at the moment.
  10. Thanks Stellaghost, been doing loads of research on this as local garages arent interested and the one which will do it wants stupid money. i have decided to make a gantry either side of the vehicle with a couple of winch/tackle blocks but as you pointed out its the attaching to the body for the lifting which is the problem. i have searched for the cab weight but have been unable to find it . i was thinking of using some heavy 3 inch steel angle bolted to the body front and back at the lift points or where the body and chassis are bolted together,unsure at this time where is suitable and we
  11. Hi all i'm new to the site been trying for ages to find a way of removing the body from my range rover 2010 without access to a 2 post ramp .has anyone on here managed to do it in their own garage . many thanx carl
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