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  1. I couldn’t tell you exactly what springs I have on at the moment but I have done this intentionally as I am limited by my garage door height and wanted larger tyres on the car so I thought that lowering the car and putting larger tyres on it will allow it to fit in the garage but still get the larger tyre.
  2. The only slight issue is that I used a defender specialist to do the work as I couldn’t justify spending a month without my defender whilst I worked on it here and there as opposed to getting it all done in a day. The only springs they had were a tad shorter but it works out nicely because I wanted beefier wheels anyway but I am limited by the stock height due to having a roof rack and the car only just fitting into my garage with the old springs on.
  3. The springs I have put on are much stiffer which I prefer a lot more to the softer stock springs and the only stiffer springs I could get were an inch shorter than my previous springs. Thank you for your help.
  4. Yeah sorry you’re right didn’t look close enough thank you for the advise and apologies for having to explain such simple things I understand the feeling.
  5. @western @SnaggerI am also more than happy to consider other rim options to accommodate a bigger tyre if need be.
  6. @landroversforever If I am to be completely honest with myself I won’t be taking this car off the beaten track as much as I might like so it will be primarily for road use. By stock height I was referring to the overall height of the vehicle as the slight lowering of the car has made the car look and feel too low to the ground for my liking so I was hoping/assuming that a wheel with a slightly larger diameter might raise the height of the car slightly. If I’m wrong please let me know. I am also aware that bigger and more heavily grooved tyres will effect the road noise but that doesn’t bother
  7. @Snagger I’m not sure what width they are I’ll have to look into that tomorrow but they are the wheels that come in the 2016 adventure edition defenders.
  8. @western I only assumed they were 18’ rims because they are the stock tyres that come with the car from factory and they say do not fit to 16’ rims on the tyre wall but they could be 16’s. Thank you for the help.
  9. Hi Guys. I’m a complete novice when it comes to tyres and have no clue what I’m looking for. I’ve just changed the springs which has lowered the car by an inch on my adventure 90 and wanted to get a set of tyres that would beef it back up a bit because at the moment it’s looking a bit too small for my liking. I would love a set of bfg’s but I have no clue what to go for. I’m aiming to achieve the same height as stock. I’ve currently got 18’ rims. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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