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  1. Evening gentleman, Thanks for your many replies and combined knowledge , I will post some photo's and take measurements on the morrow ,or by the weekend . Bought the fancy conversion lead from 12 pin to 7 pin,I'm sure you guys would have known how to sort that one,but I copped out of that one,price was horrifying. (They said it was the military 12 pin end that was the expensive bit),(im sure not that expensive). All the best.
  2. Thanks for the reply. So a dixon bate adjustable up to 1998 should fit,obviously I was concerned that the plate or hitch holes would match up,and whether the strengthening arms would locate to a fixing point. Phoned John Craddocks and the guy said they had nothing that would fit, and that I would have to go to Land Rover,even though I thought they wouldn't be interested . I knew that the wolf chassis was strengthened ,but not how different it is compared to a standard 300tdi chassis. So unless someone else reads my waffle ,and stops me ,I'm assuming I could go ahead and purchase the adjustable dixon bate up to 98? Many thanks in advance to your answers.
  3. Could one of you learned folk out there please give me the short answer to wether there is a straight bolt on replacement to a ball hitch from the military hitch,or which dixon bate adjustable I might be able to fit the wolf? Many thanks in advance.
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