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  1. Hi , thanks for the reply. I have traced the red /white wire from the ignition switch to a relay then out of the relay it becomes black/yellow. This wire runs to the round plug pictured. The starter wire is dead until I bridge it with a piece of wire to the brown /orange wire. This is the same colour wire as the one that goes to the inhibitor switch. Once its bridged the starter wire becomes live when the key is turned to the cranking position. I was hoping someone had a 1992 model and could loom at their wiring to see if they have this plug too. Thanks Neil
  2. Thank you drawn a blank so far trying to find another owner of a 92 classic local to me.
  3. Thank you very much for the info . Much appreciated
  4. Hi , Thanks for the reply No only got a Haynes manual but the one I have only goes up to 1990. Tried searching online but had no luck
  5. Hi , as per previous post still have some wiring issues on my 1992 classic project. Doesnt crank from the ignition, so have followed the red and white wire to the relay where it sends power to a small black /yellow wire . This should feed a orange/brown wire which goes to the inhibitor switch on the gearbox. I have traced the wire and they go to a round plug (pictured ) but it's not connected to anything, and I cant see where it should be connected to. If I bridge the yellow/black to the orange/brown. It sends power to the inhibitor and cranks from the key. So my question is does anyone know where it should connect to. It's on the drivers side inner wing just in front of the ABS unit. Seems like I have some wiring missing. There are around 10 wires in the plug so I am guessing they should all connect to something. It's a 1992 3.9 V8 If any one has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Neil
  6. Hi Thanks for the replies guys, it's a 1992 . Got a Haynes but it only covers up to 1990 . Any ideas where the starter relay is located? Thanks again Neil
  7. Hi everyone, I have bought a classic project which seems to have some electric issues. I was wondering if you guys would share your experience and knowledge with me and shed some light on the issues for me. It was bought ad a none starter and with no battery. So after getting it transported I bought a new battery for it to see what worked and what didnt. It did have an aftermarket immobiliser fitted but this has been removed and from what I can see the ignition circuit has been put back to how it was prior to this being fitted. Its had a new coil, new plugs, new fuel pump, and starter fitted, but the main issue is it doesnt crank from the key . Dont even get a click from the solenoid. I tested the wire from the ignition and its live at the ignition switch and the harness plug where it connected it's to the main loom when the key is turned to crank . But it's got no power where it exits the harness to go to the starter solenoid. I connected a wire direct from the ignition straight to the solenoid and it turns over from the key but very slowly. I did get the engine running momentarily but cut out due to a fuel issue. Not been able to do much on it for a couple of weeks due to work, but last weekend tried it again after sorting the fuel issue, but now only getting a click from the starter. It tries to turn over, but seems as though something is drawing the current. I dont have a decent wiring diagram for it so no idea where the ignition wires go after leaving the switch, I presume through a relay . I wanted to try and get this electrical problem sorted soon as I need to remove the engine to do some welding on the body mounts at the bottom bulkhead. Would like to hear the engine running before I took it out to see how she sounds too. If anyone has any thought or ideas woukd greatly appreciate it. Thanks Neil
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