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  1. Anyone in Perth Western Australia have a td5 fuel line nipple that goes into the fuel pump, snapped the far right black line when putting the tank back in. Cheers
  2. G'day guys im looking at getting a pop top camper conversion done to my 110, has anyone got one done in Perth before? If so who did you go through and what is it like? I've seen 1 shop over east that does them but its such a trek to get it done. Cheers
  3. VDO it is then haha only heard good things about them over others. Alright yeah I saw a new set of fuel pipes was almost 300 bucks, will definitely label will save alot of hassle. Cheers 👍
  4. Cheers hurbie I agree I like my floor as it is, I was going to get the vdo pump are there any seals or hoses etc you'd suggest changing while doing the job?
  5. Hey everyone I've gotta swap out my fuel pump due to starting issues are there any other parts that anyone would suggest renewing when doing the fuel pump? Havent decided whether or not to drop the tank or cut the floor and make a little hatch Cheers 👍
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