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  1. I now think what I was looking at is a noise suppression thing, not an amplifier module....can't find one of those 🤐
  2. I've got a tin of easy start, tried it, no difference. Taken a couple of plugs out, tried them on the engine block, both have good sparks. The plugs were wet, I can smell the easy start, that high octane fuel. I've checked the wire terminals on the coil, improved one of them & now have 12.3 on the meter without needing to run another 12v feed...so that's good. I'm reading the haynes manual, chapter 5b.2 ignition system testing, about the amplifier that is next to the coil & it says "coil negative terminal ( wire to amplifier module ). Is this correct because the wire from my amplifier goes to the positive side of the coil...which is right please?
  3. Thanks FridgeFreezer, I'll take a look. I have no idea where to find or what a ignition amplifier is though?
  4. Does anyone know where the starter motor relay is located? Haynes WM says its a black plug in the passenger side kick panel but it's not there!
  5. Hi All, I'm struggling to get my Discovery 1 started. So, battery is good, engine turning over well but no attempt to fire up. I have put a meter on the coil & it read .011 So, I ran a 12v supply cable from a relay in the cabin to the coil & it read 12.4 ish - thinking I would now start her up, it's the same, turns & turns but no attempt to fire up. I removed one plug, it had a decent spark. Removed all the plugs & cleaned them up. On turning the ignition on, I can hear the fuel pump prime for a few seconds. So, not sure what to do now....starter motor? If so, how do I test it? Thanks, JD
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