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  1. pictures as soon as i get the land rover up here, hopefully by end of june. there are alot of bits of a brick path i am building in the way so i have to get a move on. it has slanted side windows with the black twisty knob of painful elbow. it has a stop pull knob to cut the engine, a manual throtle on the passenger side and i think it can be hand cranked to start it. and a 10j 2 1/4 diesel which is not enough but i'll stick with it for now.
  2. Now then. I am new to this forum stuff so I might be making social and admin mistakes. Please set me straight if so. This is really a post to say hello, I'm going to need all your help, and I'm very excited about my landy again. I bought an August 1983 110 about 25 years ago. I learned to drive in it, but it eventually cost me all my money and I had to get another car. I put the land rover on the farm and left it. Now I have some money, a home with a large drive and an excited 14 year old, it is time to get it here, and get it back to running. I have no idea of its condition. I have looked at small ads over the years, but I have never seen a 1983 110 for sale. Anyway, hello.
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