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  1. You Sir, are a legend! I repaired my front wheel bearings which were destroyed and I now have brakes! Thank you
  2. Brakes were never ok since I bought it haha
  3. Hello all. 1994 Discovery manual 300tdi. My diff lock light is illuminated and no matter what I do with the stick the light won’t go out. It’s probably just me using it wrong. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. You mean the vacuum pump on the left side of the engine? If so, there’s only 1 large pipe coming from it and it goes to the servo
  5. My OSF wheel bearing went the other day, and I’m currently in the middle of ordering a stub axle and bearing to repair it. Would only 1 bearing being gone make that much of a difference? What you say does definitely make sense though, because under braking the pedal feels like it’s slightly going up and down, as if there was ABS kicking in. That’s probably what you mean by the play pushing the pads out.
  6. No I don’t have ABS mate
  7. I’ve managed to push all the pistons back and watched them return when I press the pedal
  8. Got extended brake lines as I’m on a 6 inch lift. They’re the hard braided type
  9. Hello all. I have a 1994 Discovery 1 300tdi manual and I have an issue which has really been annoying me. My brakes are barely effective and the pedal travels almost all the way down to the floor before it starts to have the smallest amount of braking. If I pump it a few times it goes harder, but as soon as I start driving again it goes down again. If I’m stationary and pump it it’ll go hard. I’ve put another servo and master cylinder on there from another Discovery, I’ve bled the brakes 3 times (twice manually, once with a machine) and I’ve checked for any leaks and there were none. I am fully scratching my head over this! Does anyone have any idea of why could be going on? Thanks
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