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  1. Hi all I'm new to this I've had a Disco 2 for nearly 3 years and learning all the time. My Airspring pump will operate for a few seconds when I've parked and switched off. 3 days ago we were 9 miles from home, had stopped for lunch, 1 hour later Disco left Airspring had pumped to full extension and ripped the Shock mount out of the chassis! 😯 Viewed from rear the left side was sky high, I thought it might go down if driven but it didn't. Then 1 mile up the road with an almighty bang it exploded and the chassis slammed down onto the back axle. The drive home was rough every bump was felt my partner said she felt like a Milkshake, we both did. Why did that side pump so high? I've not worked on it or had it on a jack for months. Could it be a non working height sensor? The previous day we thought Disco was out of level and appeared to be sitting low on the right (viewed from the rear) Any ideas please?
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