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  1. Thank you BogMonster. It's probably a general adaptive suspension connection. Someone somewhere must know what resistance this little pump needs to stop the onboard system from detecting a problem. :/
  2. Hey guys. I just received and changed the 2 rear shock dampers on my Disco Sport 2017. I noticed the new damper did not have the electronic connectors but I figured I never used the option so no need for it. All in all, everything is back as smooth as day one but I do get the annoying "Adaptive dynamics fault" in my dashboard. I own a HSE so I guess what I installed is the non-HSE version. Any quick tip to disable the warning in the dashboard ? I wonder if the wire shorting trick like the brake sensors work but I doubt it since these wires most likely have control voltage for a small pump versus a simple contact sensor. A resistor on the wires would probably do the job but can anyone provide me on the electrical specs for this wire strip ? Thanks in advance !
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