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  1. very enlightening post; thanks monkie
  2. (keeping the thread going !) 200tdi defender: recently lost the indicators, with trailer telltale on the dash always on but no hazards or indicators. Cure: the earth in the flasher relay block had wiggled free, once refitted everything worked again.... hth
  3. Ive done that too: better for fault-finding, fewer sharp edges, easier to alter/modify, etc etc. What's not to like?
  4. Never fun is it? I'd try - maybe you have - removing, cleaning and resecuring the battery connections and the main earth to block connections (side of gearbox?? another one???). Just a thought
  5. Hi, I THINK the Bosch no. is " 0 986 478 824" and Delphi is "BG2612" see what an adult says? cheers
  6. Yea nice work... About sensing reservoir caps, they are (happily) the same on pretty much everything I've tried so far from peugeot, citroen ford and mercedes (passenger + heavy goods) from the 80s-90s ; all of 'em fit defender brake reservoirs
  7. For the earthing, if you can''t find freelander bits, some (all?) peugeots (& other french cars?) of the 80s-90s use 8-way/10-way bolt-on earthing blocks at each corner. Here's a random picture pulled off the internet: https://www.tprneso.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=229842 Take care
  8. Bonjour, "Tête à bride, m10 x 30" ; un truc banale je dirai cheers
  9. Hi Marc, A tad OT but who do you order from? landypoint? Merci bien !
  10. I think (I've only done it once) that basically you have to rebuild from the back to the front, so you'd adjust the bulkhead once the back body is back on; using washers with slits is a great way to finetune adustment without taking the long bolt i and out all the bleedin time. Don't over-think it and remember it's built to the nearest centimetre or two
  11. I find that's the way to go...you'll get it done, no worries
  12. My thermotop came out of an Audi A8 that ended up in a nearby field ;)... (if you stumble on one of these, the pesky fuel pump is inside the righthand rear wheel arch liner). As everybody says, there's all you need to know to get them running on t'internet
  13. Iv also got the large dewalt -(never had any air tools before). Ive found nothing on a landy it won't loosen and it makes changing tyres 'n' stuff a breeze (can't undo the nuts on my lorry tho). Also on cars where a screw jack is turned by the wheel wrench, you can lift car and take of tyre in, I dunno, 60 seconds? I thought long and hard before buying but it almost instantly become a go-to, one of my favourites.
  14. If you undo the master cylinder and gently move it out the way, can you see if it's possible to adjust the rod (don't know the right word) on the servo that contacts with the plunger in the master cylinder. Many of them, I think, have a little nut arrangement on the end to adjust relative distance between the two components - it can be quite stiff, which is a good thing! If possible, a few turns to lengthen the rod might be all you need Buena suerte
  15. Just to close this - the master cylinder was sticking. I haven't opened it up to look at why cos I found a branded boxed new one for sale 30 mins from here, so all good now. I blew out the flexis just to check - all good there. Cheers
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