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  1. I find that's the way to go...you'll get it done, no worries
  2. My thermotop came out of an Audi A8 that ended up in a nearby field ;)... (if you stumble on one of these, the pesky fuel pump is inside the righthand rear wheel arch liner). As everybody says, there's all you need to know to get them running on t'internet
  3. Iv also got the large dewalt -(never had any air tools before). Ive found nothing on a landy it won't loosen and it makes changing tyres 'n' stuff a breeze (can't undo the nuts on my lorry tho). Also on cars where a screw jack is turned by the wheel wrench, you can lift car and take of tyre in, I dunno, 60 seconds? I thought long and hard before buying but it almost instantly become a go-to, one of my favourites.
  4. If you undo the master cylinder and gently move it out the way, can you see if it's possible to adjust the rod (don't know the right word) on the servo that contacts with the plunger in the master cylinder. Many of them, I think, have a little nut arrangement on the end to adjust relative distance between the two components - it can be quite stiff, which is a good thing! If possible, a few turns to lengthen the rod might be all you need Buena suerte
  5. Just to close this - the master cylinder was sticking. I haven't opened it up to look at why cos I found a branded boxed new one for sale 30 mins from here, so all good now. I blew out the flexis just to check - all good there. Cheers
  6. Thanks people, I havent had a chance to recover it home to sort as I've been caught up in another unrelated engine swap ... and its HOT outside. Anything (water, master cylinder, flexi) is possible: I've an open mind and will post up as soon as I know in case it ever helps anybody in the future...
  7. Thanks guys - I'm feeling less fed up this morning. Mr Hip: it's both wheels. Mike: that's exactly what I'm thinking - my money's on the master not returning... Cheers
  8. Hi, I've just walked 90 minutes home, leaving the 110 parked up. Although these event may not be linked, here's what's happened: a while back a steel line to a front caliper got mashed so I hammered it over to stop the leak and thought 'better deal with that soon' cos 3 amigos good, 3 brakes less so. Last week I fixed it and had to re-bleed a little but there was clearly summit else wrong. Very hard to get any brake fluid from the front nipples and the servo started making a big hiss every time the pedal was pressed. Drove around for a few days with no assistance, decided all was well with brakes at wheels but needed a servo, which I ordered but do not have yet (lrdirect?, not so much...). Anyway, tonight the front brakes are suddenly binding so severely that the heat build-up/expansion makes it undriveable - I had to use low range to get it safely off the road, it would no longer drive in high. So, I guess I need to add a master cylinder to the shopping list? Surely there's no other possibility...???? BUT I'd be interested to hear if anybody's has a similar tale, cos I've had brakes fail 'off' before, but never 'on'. Or am I missing something ? Cheers
  9. Great end shot (and result) - worthy of your patience, endurance, idiocy? and fast-acquired skills ! Good luck with the w123 vacuum
  10. Giles

    Won't fire

    I've also had plenty of luck fiddling/checking/removing temporarily the return when restarting 'old' diesel engines. For all that high pressure stuff, it's amazing (to me) how easily a low-pressure blockage can stop an engine dead.
  11. I've had trouble with in the past with pipes from pump to injector on other (similar!) vehicles/engines: for me, it was always loose/missing/badly positioned clamps (or non-standard pipes made up on the bench) that led to the vibrations bodumatau refers to splitting the pipes.
  12. I'm a poor field mechanic and have never owned a torque wrench, but that nut is certainly effin' tight - that's where the flange lock tool (nicer than the one I made btw) comes in; I think you'd struggle without one.
  13. Hi, you can pick up all the wiring by removing the screwed in cover tucked into the corner on the rhs of the back door - there are (should be) spare connectors for all rear lights there. What you'll actually find depends on who's been in there before...
  14. Western Ralph, There's a s/h roverdrive for sale on a french (non-specialist) site for 850€... I've pm'd you a link and can liaise if needed....
  15. I thought ep90 had a very distinctive smell ? Tried sniffin'?
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