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  1. Giles

    Won't fire

    I've also had plenty of luck fiddling/checking/removing temporarily the return when restarting 'old' diesel engines. For all that high pressure stuff, it's amazing (to me) how easily a low-pressure blockage can stop an engine dead.
  2. Giles

    2.5 na fuel pipes keep bursting !!

    I've had trouble with in the past with pipes from pump to injector on other (similar!) vehicles/engines: for me, it was always loose/missing/badly positioned clamps (or non-standard pipes made up on the bench) that led to the vibrations bodumatau refers to splitting the pipes.
  3. Giles

    leaky 110 rear diff seal

    I'm a poor field mechanic and have never owned a torque wrench, but that nut is certainly effin' tight - that's where the flange lock tool (nicer than the one I made btw) comes in; I think you'd struggle without one.
  4. Giles

    wiring in a 12s socket to a 1990 defender 110

    Hi, you can pick up all the wiring by removing the screwed in cover tucked into the corner on the rhs of the back door - there are (should be) spare connectors for all rear lights there. What you'll actually find depends on who's been in there before...
  5. Giles

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Western Ralph, There's a s/h roverdrive for sale on a french (non-specialist) site for 850€... I've pm'd you a link and can liaise if needed....
  6. Giles

    Persistent LT77 leak

    I thought ep90 had a very distinctive smell ? Tried sniffin'?
  7. Giles

    Removing Steering Wheel

    I think not threaded is normal (these days); the casing material is far softer than the screw thread - just line 'em up and screw 'em in, job done.
  8. Giles

    Invisible Defender

    Ok I'll (reluctantly) bite... would it be ok for your to keep your xenophobic (being polite) comments off this forum? Thanks very much
  9. I think when I broke the same one I ground it flat, drilled it out (a tad oversize?) and attached it with a nut and bolt... not exactly OE but hey, who's counting rivets.
  10. Giles

    The Queen Elizabeth is leaking...

    I thought the only problem with this exorbitant piece of floating (so far) willy-waving junk was that there are no fixed wing aircraft for it... good to know it leaks too
  11. Giles

    200tdi lift pump

    Back to the Italians (Cambiare): I've got Italian lift pumps (one Cambiare, another can't remember) on my 110 and my lorry. Both have been on for 3-5 years now. So far so good
  12. Giles

    Buying advice from across the pond

    Spain? It was a LR building country (albeit Santana badged) until recently and there are loads of newer defenders around, BUT... I haven't got any links . Germany's also a good option but the salty roads can be a problem. Have fun looking...
  13. Giles

    To scrap or not to scrap

    Not getting into the technicalities of dvlablahblah, but... with decent lifting aid (telehandler??), a bit of forward planning and a couple of competent mates, you can swap the chassis in a hard-grafting weekend.... (or take years over it). Your call!
  14. Giles

    New Series - RR Heavy

    NICE I haven't watched all the way thru cos I'm so over VW's and Loti . I've always loved simple animation fx... One thing that bugged me: remember to look at the dam thing when doing your piece(s) to camera !! Your enjoyment shines through and both sides (vehicles + production) make me jealous...
  15. Just to add to this: I've had the same thing caused by a blocked/semi-blocked return line (FIP to tank)

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