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  1. The Britpart Lynx is a full diagnostic device. It will bleed the ABS modulator as well as each brake line individually. I have changed the ABS modulator.
  2. Help needed. I have replaced the ABS Modulator on my 1999 Disc 2 Td5 and carried out the shuttle valve mod. I have a Lynx diagnostic tool which I am using to power bleed it. I have bled the ABS modulator several times and started bleeding the wheels in the correct sequence. The first 2 wheels (LF and RR) bled without any problems but I can't get the other 2 wheels to bleed at all. Looking at a schematic for the modulator it looks as though there are 2 separate channels through the modulator with LF and RR callipers being on one channel and RF and LR being on the other. Has anyone any suggestions on what the problem could be please and how to overcome it?
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