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  1. Yeah I understand that the galvanised should out live most of us, although personally am hoping it's close lol My question was more, is the corner weld on the defender not a problem, as they are not legal, has nobody had problems with the mot or resale of the vehicle?
  2. Hi folks Am fairly new to land rover ownship, finally bought myself a new project!! I've been looking at a new bulkhead and chassis. Looking at the different suppliers there seems to be quite a difference between price and how they are built. From what I can see it's only the gkn chassis that is type approved. I know that they should all really be type approved, however with an eye on cost, is it a good idea to out cash down on a shielder Chassis? As anybody had problems with getting one MOD'd or has anybody had the misfortune of crashing one, how did proform, or fall apart? Basically is it worth saving a few quid or will that just come back to bite? Chris
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