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  1. Hello all, So I have been looking to buy a stainless steel exhaust for my 1963 Land Rover Series IIA 109 LHD and am struggling to find anyone in the USA that makes them and can ship. Does anyone know of anywhere that might sell one? Many thanks and hope you’re all well. G
  2. Thanks fir the heads up. I have been thinking about how I better manage the water flow off the drip strip under the bonnet and may devise a cunning plan to redirect down and out of the engine bay. Thanks again for all the advice, this forum is so helpful and TLR Wally great to be part of. Sincerely G
  3. Thanks for the information. This is helpful. I paid $66.00, so not bad as I have never seen one of these anywhere. Thanks again. G
  4. Okay, thanks! Mystery solved. I may let my youngest do a little restoration job on it for me and use it for tools then. I have a great tool roll that will fit in there. Thanks for your help again… G
  5. Hello All, I was recently browsing that addictive auction site and won a bid on this mystery black box. I looked in the parts catalogue for Land Rover Series but could not find it. I will continue to research and try to identify its part number or even if it is an authentic part. The person I bought it from said that it came with his 109 S2 and that he seems to recall it being located in the engine bay somewhere. Does anyone know more about this mystery black box? It looks authentic but it could easily have been made using Landy parts… Thoughts and thanks. G
  6. Love the quote “Miles and Smiles”, I’ll have to remember that…
  7. Yes, and get out and enjoy the machine in all its glory…
  8. So George had been sitting on the drive for approximately 2.5 years while I restored it and finished off my MA. Last weekend was the first time I had started it and ran it out in the road properly. It’s amazing to think about how durable and reliable they are. He started on the second go which for a 2.5 year sit was not bad. No black smoke and even the brakes seemed to play nicely. I finally got the rear brake light problem figured out and that was hood too. just thought I’d share a proper shot of George on its first of many adventures after the renovation. Thanks G
  9. Thanks, this is really helpful. I may consider tracking down a set of the square lift rings then, they look like they’d secure more effectively than the ones I have. Thanks again, great help. G
  10. So they don’t go on the rear? I was told these were rear ones but that could be wrong. At the moment I don’t know anything about them and just trying to figure out where they would have gone. As you say, they may no go on a Series at all. If in which case I’ll find a spot on the rear and make use of them as recovery points. Thanks for your help. G
  11. Thanks, looks like Oil and new seals it is then. I’ll pick some new seals and retainers up and it might be a good job for the Autumn and the cooler weather as I don’t have a garage. The bloody weather out here is not like Blighty and is stupidly hot. Thanks to all for the advice. G
  12. Hello all, Here is a little something unique and interesting that you may not see every day. I was told that these were Military Lift rings fitted to the rear of a Land Rover Series. The first question is, is that true or do they belong to something else? The second question is, if they are as described, whereabouts on the rear do they attach? I got them from a friend of mine in the UK who had them lying around and he said I could have them. I thought they’d make great recovery points but then became curious about his description. Either way, they are well made and look like they might fit on the rear bumper and straddle one of the brackets welded to the back of it that fasten the body to the bumper, but would love to know more about them and where precisely they’d go. If anyone has photos of them in situation that would be even better. Hope you’re all well and stay safe. G
  13. Dear All, I have started the laborious process of a full lubricant and fluid change on the Land Rover Series 2A 109 I have been restoring and mostly everything is clear and straight forward. For the coolant I used a mix of anti-freeze and distilled water. For the engine oil I used Castro GTX 20w50. I have some 85 EP90 for the differentials, gearbox and transfer case. I was told and it looks like the manual says I can use the 85 EP90 for the swivel housing too, though speaking with my Dad back in Blighty he said I could use grease instead as the seals leak oil. Is this true and if so what type of grease is best to use? Thanks again and hope you are all staying well. G
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