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  1. Thanks. I'm still confused at to whether they're 5/8' for M16. I'll have a look for some zinc coated one or anti sieze some standard ones and change them when they go off Hammers
  2. Like these? https://nutsandbolts.co.uk/index.php?_route_=5-8-Coneloc-Self-Locking-Hex-Nut-Imperial-UNF-Grade-B-Steel-Zinc-Plate
  3. Thanks for the advice. Asked about those ebay ones specifically. He said they're M16 not 5/8'. As an imperial newbie, as that nearly the same thing? As for the "Don't go stainless" advice, i'm listening. Don't want to have to grind off, or worse have something fall off. To put the question a different way, I have gone to almost every length to make sure that everything new that goes on it, won't rust. Where can I get nuts that will match the stainless elsewhere that won't go orange and crusty. Thanks again
  4. New project build coming to an end. Finally. I'll be a softtop 90 on a new galvanised chassis with a rebuilt 300 tdi I am looking for stainless wheel bolts to finish it off. I'm told they're 5/8' UNF thread. Anyone know where to get some? Many thanks Hammers
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