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  1. Apologies for resurrecting an old post. Did you finish off the install? What did you do for the fuel supply?
  2. Where are you guys plumbing them into? On the heater line or the head?
  3. I have ordered an original from LRseries, hopefully not to long before i get it. Oh well lots to do before its on the road anyway.
  4. I've only had it a couple of months so far and had it under cover due to a cracked roof (97, 110 Wolf). Not sure what leaks and what doesn't, just trying to do preventive stuff while the roofs off.
  5. I'm considering replacing mine as i have the roof off and screen tilted at the moment. There isn't a dealership anywhere close (N. Alberta Canada), i have rolls of sealing putty from a camper repair and am tempted to try using this. It won't dry out and is malleable. I know original is best and would be nice to use.
  6. Thanks guys, ill have a look at the Blanchards page. I have a digital copy of the 711's and got the part numbers for what i need/ want, was just trying to find a reliable source. Many thanks for the link.
  7. Dave9252


    Hi there, I'm trying to find a decent parts supplier. I have just purchased a 1998 110 FFR Wolf, i picked it up from the military base here in Canada, there is no-where local to get parts so am going to have to rely on on-line. Google gives lots of answers but would prefer some with decent reviews.
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