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  1. Some good idea folks - Just what I was after Thanks
  2. I'm after a bit of help here. I have a crappy mag mount that I use when laning but with a small base, it dosent stay on long especially under tree. Last time out I stuck it to the rear bumper (its a fook of scrapion one) which worked ok but to be honest, its a bit pants...... I had thought of a gutter mount but my mate never had much success..... Also thought of a fook of mag mount..... but not so convinced on sticking it on the roof. Also had thought of something like one of these mounted on the rear door and cabled in..... not sure if the rear door is a good enough ground plane....
  3. I run 255/70R16 Machos on my DiscoI running on 7J standard rims and didnt have to do the full Camel Cut. All I have done is made some brackets (similar to what the Yanks do on DiscoWeb) and just took the sharp corner off the rear arch. I was primed to do the Camel Cut but sitting there with the dremel I chickened out - anyway glad I didnt as I found I didnt need it. On full articulation on the rear it catches very slightly but from what I can make out each vehicle does diffrenlt things.... BTW - They caught before I replaced for a 1" lift and now I just dont notice. Heres some pics on h
  4. Mark Looks like you have done a sterling job mate...... us Disco owners all know its going to have to be done sooner or later. Mine have been replaced already (years ago) but now these are on the way out too :$ So whats your sills looking like too ? and how long before some clever company starts making Disco shells galvanised !
  5. Quick one Whilst reparing the central locking on my 300tdi Disco I have found two longer wires as part of the loom that that the Central Locking plug is on From memory I think they were black and a grey with a green trace. Anyone know what its supposed to be conected to ? I havnt a clue....... anyone know where it shoudl go ? is there anything on the back of the key lock like a microswitch or somethign daft ? - i know its not for the speakers or for the c/l actuator as there are now 4 wires conected to it Help please !
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