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  1. To move on as we are plainly getting nowhere on the unmentionable topic. Goodrich braided hoses for your extended brake lines.
  2. Not obsessed at all. Just curious actually.
  3. Interesting write up. Sorry to ask a bit of a negative question, but as the P38 was never produced with coil springs are you sure you don't need to get a dreaded IVA or similar?
  4. Just to note you can get it back on its wheels without the half shafts
  5. I have a Halfords impact driver. Doesn't get a lot of use - usually the handbrake drum retaining screw or disc to hub screws. https://www.halfords.com/tools/hand-tools/screwdrivers-and-hex-keys/halfords-advanced--impact-driver-and-bits-178172.html Mine came in a cheap plastic case wotsit not the nice metal box shown here but I did buy it over 10 years ago! The tool looks the same though. Has worked faultlessly when called upon.
  6. The "old" Goodyear MTR's were rubbish as a mud tyre but might be OK as an AT?
  7. So if one was to have a 2011 L322 and a 1999 D2 which piece of kit will do both?
  8. I have used the twinwall plastic sheeting. Looks much nicer than the corrugated stuff and more resilient too. You will need to have rafters at the right spacing though to avoid lots of cutting and wastage. It also needs more fixing rails and seals etc so ends up a fair bit more expensive. Worth it if looks are important though.
  9. Jeff is back! Yay! Sorry to hear you were poorly but maybe that illness stopped you killing yourself with a Nige style self inflicted injury?? Ready for the next instalment of your adventures....
  10. You keep them all for yourself! Something about wanting to poop rainbows IIRC? 😛
  11. Not a very exciting thread - gave a builder a drawing and a sack of cash and he built me a double garage. Only problem is it currently only has one light switch and one double socket, neither in particularly useful locations! I do have a box of electrikery to install once I finish my chores around the house and garden.....
  12. Outwards definitely. Regardless of what you think now, the door will be in the way at some point in the future if it opens inwards. I have just had a garage built with double UPVC doors at the back and the builder fitted them at my request so that they can fold back against the outside wall. Absolutely no issues with weatherproofness. Standard door hinges - nothing special. This is in a rendered concrete block structure but I cannot see it being a problem for you if you get the details and sealant correct.
  13. I use CT90 cutting paste - it liquifies as the cutter heats up and makes an amazing difference in my experience.
  14. I appreciate that you might have the central pillar at the front to support the steelwork for the lifting beam, but if it was me, I'd put a big enough beam across the front to carry the required loads and have a single roller shutter. The pillar will just get in the way 90% of the time and having a clear opening right across the front will give you loads more flexibility. That is of course if you don't actually need the extra height on one of your doors...… My roller shutter is 4.5 x 2.5 which should be plenty of height - once I get the carp out of the garage and the land rover in!
  15. Impressive woodworking skills there! When I built some timber garage doors (with vastly inferior skills BTW!) I used ply gussets on all the joints to stop the doors dropping when they were hung. Not terribly attractive, but the doors didn't budge!
  16. Looking really tidy! How are you bracing the structure permanently? Are you fitting some ply sheets to the inner faces of the walls?
  17. Can't comment on strength upgrades but as far as a locking diff goes I would always prefer one I have total control over - air locker for me. Auto lockers are a misnomer as they are actually auto un-lockers and if they don't unlock they can introduce some interesting handling characteristics. Side slopes spring to mind! Just my 2p. There will be plenty of other opinions along shortly I am sure!
  18. Simon, if you are not already a member, I strongly recommend joining fullfatrr.com - you'll get all your questions answered and more over there.
  19. Front sensor cables are definitely longer.
  20. A few laps of the ring road is surely your most expeditious route to the MOT test station from your house so book it in.
  21. That looks like incredible value... any idea on quality?
  22. If you have no luck on here, try posting on fullfatrr.com - they are very knowledgeable on L322's. The luddites on here think cart springs are the pinnacle of technology!
  23. I am going to be controversial and say box and tube! Here's what I made a few years ago.
  24. Looking good! Can I suggest you beef up your temporary bracing? Would hate to see all that right-angled loveliness turn into err... not right angles! 🙄 especially given your track record with outbuildings and the wind!
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