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  1. Little update… He’s home! Complaining of being bored was our first clue that he was returning to being himself, plus blood tests showed the infection is starting to improve (that’ll be the IV engine oil) although he’s still uncomfortable at times. Pretty sure he’ll sleep well in his own bed tonight and hopefully be back to himself soon. Thank you all again for the messages 🥰
  2. Thank You everyone, he knows I’ve put this post up and has been reading all your replies, I’ll keep you all up to date and hopefully he’ll be back soon 🥰
  3. Hi everyone, a lot of you will know Dad as mmgemini. Just letting you all know he’s currently in hospital with a kidney infection. He’s doing ok, IV antibiotics and fluids (pretty sure they know to get some engine oil in the mix!) but he’s had a rough week. Know he spends a lot of time on here so some of you may have been wondering where he’s gone. Rach 😊
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