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  1. Thanks everyone for your response. Yes, it does look like configuring a base model with base trim comes with Steel suspension. This could explain why HSE shows air suspension in the final summary when configuration is completed, though it isn't listed as a HSE option. I've sent my configuration to the dealer for confirmation and also asked as to why Clear sight smart view appears as a payable option and also as standard equipment.
  2. Thanks- having owned a Discovery 3 fir 10 years, air suspension is a must for me. I was infact at the dealer when this point came up - he showed me a demo vehicle stating that its with steel suspension. He wasn't sure if it came as standard or was included with HSE but referred to the X-dynamic model where it was included as default. That's when I came back and checked. The conflict was between the first page where it has description of the base model (showing steel) and the final summary page after configuration (showing air suspension as standard equipment). I'll ask him to get it validated with someone if he isn't sure. Should've ordered it last year.
  3. I'm trying to configure a Defender110 D250 with the base model and HSE trim . The base model shows Steel suspension as standard (landrover.ch, landrover.de) while in UK (landrover.co.uk) the same model comes up with Electronic air suspension. Has Land Rover removed the standard air suspension for rest of Europe and restricted it only to the Defender X version? Surprisingly, in the summary page after completing the configuration using the base model (with HSE), it shows Electronic controlled air suspension listed under Standard equipment. Has anyone had a similar experience/model to clarify whether air-suspension is standard? The clear sight smart view appears as a standard feature with the HSE trim, but it also appears as a separate option to be purchased when configuring the options. When chosen, the summary shows it listed under the options purchased as well as standard equipment in the final summary. I do not want to be paying for something if it's already part of the package. Any advice? Thanks for your help.
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