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  1. thanks. but still does not tell me the difference between a 16L and 21L? thanx
  2. Hi all. just purchased a 1995 N reg 300tdi discovery.expected a 16L to be fitted. Obviously its been changed to a 21L. So can any one tell me what 21L is. eg cc build etc compared to a 16L. many thanx
  3. Hiya. just posted earlier but forgot to say. 1995 N Reg discovery diesel 300tdi should of had a 16L engine. however a 21L is fitted? can anyone tell me what a 21L is. many thanx.
  4. Hi all. just purchased a discovery 1995 N reg 300tdi. However the engine number is 21L30884A? does anyone know what diesel engine this is? many thanx
  5. Before removing the caliper get a decent flat head screwdiver between the pad next to the piston and the disk and tap gently the screwdriver down the pad and disk. When in a good inch start levering the screwdriver towards the piston to push in. alternatively there is a tool that can be purchased but is air operated and would not e worth the cost for once a year change. good luck
  6. Hi all. thinking of buying a 1995 discovery 300 tdi diesel 5 door. Defender man myself so do not know a lot about the discovery. Any opinions would be welcome. Its manual. thanx
  7. Garmin 200 nuvi excellent for cameras. small smart touch screen with online update. available cheap from amazon.co.uk or halfords.
  8. I have a PRC2734 ignition switch to fit a 110 ex-Army, the switch is numbered 1 to 5, does anyone know what colour wire goes to which terminal on the switch ??? Thanks http://www.lucaselectrical.co.uk/technical/SwitchgearTI.pdf might help & http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopi...+starter+switch refer to the lucas extract switch number 35288 terminal numbers are 1 = 12v feed 2 = FSO [fuel shut-off ] 3 = Starter 4 = auxilary 5 = heater plugs
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