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  1. I recently heard that a 300TDI fan has more blades than a 200tdi, so is it possible to fit a 300tdi fan onto a 200tdi viscous unit for better cooling here in India?
  2. Thanks a ton Ralph! As your exhaust was already for a TD, the new 200TDI engine could manage. Where as mine was a 2.5NA and then I swapped it for the Def 200TDI with the mid & rear section exhaust of a 2.5NA only. Except the downpipe from the turbo is from the 200tdi.
  3. Correct then it is, as the downpipe was supplied with the Def 200TDI engine and its 2.5" but it get lesser from there on to the 2.5NA exhausts. So now I think the blockage is in the mid & rear section of the exhaust. Will have to remove them to check the internal diameter of the pipe. Wondering how can a 3" ID pipe fit on the Turbo outlet when itself is a little smaller than 2.5"? Am I correct that the downpipe fits to the output of the turbo ? Ander, if you are saying 3" is a performance exhaust then how will it fit the Def 200TDI as the 3" pipe is bigger than the output pipe of the Turbo? Is there some ind of 3" to 2.5" pipe adapter?
  4. John I was just at the garage and he showed me the dowpipe from the turbo and its a little less than 2.5". this is the pipe that fits the Def 200TDI Turbo. Thanks for doing the needful. Wondering how Paul used a 3 inch pipe when the it will be too wide for the turbo?
  5. Mike thanks for your reply. If removing the middle box improves the performance of my Def 200tdi then it makes sense. If it is going to be too loud with a straight through middle section then I will drop the idea. I hate it being loud. Nice for a few minutes later its a headache. Hence want to make a new exhaust with the correct ID pipe required for the Def 200tdi 110 and can go with a straight through middle section an retain the last box or the rear section so that the noise is less and performance is more. Or 2nd option is to go with all the middle and rear boxes but with a bigger pipe.
  6. Thanks a ton for your reply. As I am based in India its cheaper to get an exhaust made rather than importing a 19J exhaust to India. The Exhaust manufacturer said he can replicate the exact mounting points which are there for the 2.5na right now. What is the internal diameter for the 2.5TD? Someone else on the forum called Paul used a 3 inch ID pipe for his 200tdi. IF I at least know the ID of the 2.5TD then I can ask this guy to make the same here. Thanks a ton
  7. Guys I have a 1991 Defender 110 which had a 2.5NA Engine, which I later changed to a Defender 200TDI engine. Except the exhaust downpipe from the exhaust manifold which came with the 200tdi engine the remaining exhaust is of the 2.5NA. Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel she is very sluggish and its because of the restriction of the old 2.5NA Exhaust pipes. Does anyone know the internal diameter for the 200tdi exhausts? I am sure its bigger than the 2.5na's. Here in my city an Exhaust manufacturer can make me a new one and wants the internal diameter of the pipe for the 200TDI. Should I retain the middle box or go for a straight through pipe. Would appreciate some help. THanks a ton
  8. Ian, I just changed the vanes on the VP. Make sure you clean the unit properly! Very easy and simple to do
  9. Congratulations on the excellent engine build Ralph!
  10. You are right but in very slow Indian moving traffic she is very sluggish with the MH Boost pin. Once you are on the Highway and put the pedal to the metal she flies indeed.
  11. Battery is perfect. We found that a Relay was the problem. Drove yesterday 100 plus KM and no burning smell however I swapped the Morgan Hill Bost pin to the original No 13 OEM Boost Pin. No lag in bottom but you can make out the difference in the top end. Frankly the OEM pin seems better for the low end as there is no lag. With the MH Boost Pin you press down on the pedal and keeeeeeep waiting for it to move.
  12. Tomaco1, sorry I am yet to do the above conversion very soon though will keep you posted.
  13. Mine is also 13 on the VE Pump on a 200TDI. On Saturday replaced the pin with a Morgan Hill one and there is hardly any torque in slower speeds takes ages to pick up but once the turbo kicks in she flys. Funny I started getting some kind of burning smell from the engine bay after a 10km run, god knows it its the boost pin change or low oil even though I had checked the oil level which was ok. The Rocker cover was super hot, but the temp gauge was right in the middle. Today tried to start the landy and she was dead. Battery totally dead. Now totally confused if the boost pin did all this.
  14. THanks guys I have ordered a single stop/tail LED from Paddocks. Looks like I will have to remove each of the indicators and seal them with transparent silicon paste so that no water gets in.
  15. Hi! Guys one of my rear LED Brake light & Parking lights is busted. Just noticed it had water inside. It was supposed to be a sealed unit . Dont remember the place I got it from. It there any place where I can just but a replacement rather than the whole kit as I just need one unit. Thanks in advance. Looks like I will either have to drill a single small hole in each of the remaining LED indicators so that the water does not stay? What about a small bead of silicon between the black plastic and the clear cover?
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