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  1. trickydicky

    over tight bearings

    maby its the brakes then he didn't have squeeling on the morning but he did after changing the seals
  2. trickydicky

    over tight bearings

    a friend of mine who is a novice has a squeal when pulling up hill he has recently fitted new hub seals and swivel ball seal im assuming bearings aswell what are the symptoms of ever tight bearings
  3. trickydicky

    heavy duty springs

    the spring are britpart heavy duty . I know what your going to say but at the time I was rebuilding both axles ,diffs and brakes so I went for the best price
  4. trickydicky

    heavy duty springs

    hi guys last year I fitted some hd springs on the rear of my 90 to cope with a heavy roof tent and it all went well . after about six months they started to sag .then a friend of mine told me that front springs are stronger than rear springs .has anybody put front springs on the rear ?what was the height like ? I'm only asking because I don't want to change the rear springs every 12 months . I carnt bear to see a land rover with a soggy bottom
  5. trickydicky

    headlight bulb upgrade options

    thanks guys iv brought some night breaker lasers .£16 the pair off amazon they arrived the next day .I just need to fit em now
  6. trickydicky

    headlight bulb upgrade options

    my lights will probably get dunked once or twice a year iv had led indicators before and they didn't like the water . I was thinking of xenon bulbs or something like that .I have a 200tdi defender with well maintained standard wiring iv found them around 55w/60w .ill have to look in to Osram nightbreakers
  7. trickydicky

    headlight bulb upgrade options

    hi can anybody give me any ideas on which is the brightest bulbs to go for and what wattage ? and how do they cope when they're dunked in water compared to standard bulbs . or am I better of just sticking to the standard candles I have at the moment .
  8. trickydicky

    chattering clutch plate

    thanks for that
  9. trickydicky

    chattering clutch plate

    so do you guys think valio or beck and borg ?
  10. trickydicky

    chattering clutch plate

    it chatters normaly when you depress the clutch to change in to second .the people who rebuilt my gearbox said the clutch was a valio clutch plate and was much better than the one they were going to fit so they didn't replace it .400 miles later it started chattering and its now 5 years later and its time to get it sorted .
  11. trickydicky

    chattering clutch plate

    ill be doing it myself but thanks for the imfo
  12. trickydicky

    chattering clutch plate

    hi all the clutch plate on my 200tdi has developed a chatter and I think its time to sort it .can anybody tell me the best make I can buy as its not something I want to do again for a while .
  13. trickydicky

    puma half shafts

    thanks for that im happy now
  14. trickydicky

    puma half shafts

    can anybody tell me if puma front half shafts need a spacer were it meets the cv joint ? I cant find any information about it on the internet a friend of mine had some new with new cv joints and they fit a 300 axle but when I tried to put the spacer from the 300 on the half shafts the clip wont engage and I cant seem to find puma ones on the internet
  15. trickydicky


    wow that's interesting I'm running on military tyres and hd springs as I carry a roof tent and it can get a bit rough when going over bumps perhaps this could help a little .

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