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  1. hi i recently fitted 2 disco 300tdi axles to my 200tdi defender and the axle had a counterbalance weight on the front diff can anybody tell me weather it is worth keeping it on or any information about them and what are they called . iv searched google and cant find anything about them but i did see one on a 110 on youtube
  2. got a cortico seal all fitted and sorted now their expensive but when you compare the outer ring to an aftermarket one there's no comparison
  3. hi all I recently changed my chassis and decided to do the rear main seal on the 200tdi engine i used the Teflon seal as id heard good things .i finished the project and filled the engine up with fluids and ran it until it was warm when i looked underneath i was horrified to find oil constantly dripping out of the bell housing . I'm assuming iv damaged the seal getting it in .con anybody give me some of advise on the best seal to fit as I don't want to do it again for a while .
  4. once again cheers western all sorted now thanks to you
  5. cheers western the loom fits well but when i removed the bulkhead i pulled out the plugs from the bulkhead including the one to the gearbox and its the only one i don't have a photo of and i cant for the life of me see were it goes
  6. lt77 to the bulkhead loom .everything else is fitted just the 2 wires (one male and one female )
  7. hi ive fitted a new 200tdi chassis loom and iv forgotten were the reverse wires plug in to .they are both green and i cant find the corresponding place for them . has anybody got any pics ?
  8. i brought one from tool station its through but the chassis block gets stuck every time so i put a camera down and from what i can see there's a plate in the way
  9. can anybody tell me what they have done with the chassis loom on a richards chassis ? iv put a couple through a land rover chassis but im struggling with this one .i think there is a v shaped strengthening plate were the gearbox mounts are i was wondering how you guys got on ?
  10. cheers western your a legend of the land rover world .
  11. hi I'm looking for the part number for the chassis loom on a 1990 200tdi defender 90 if any one can help .
  12. probably will its done 200,000 and you can bet the farmer who had it didn't do much to it unless he had to
  13. cheers reb78 I was hoping to go to Norway next year in it .I was thinking I may need to get the injectors tested
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