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  1. once again cheers western all sorted now thanks to you
  2. cheers western the loom fits well but when i removed the bulkhead i pulled out the plugs from the bulkhead including the one to the gearbox and its the only one i don't have a photo of and i cant for the life of me see were it goes
  3. lt77 to the bulkhead loom .everything else is fitted just the 2 wires (one male and one female )
  4. hi ive fitted a new 200tdi chassis loom and iv forgotten were the reverse wires plug in to .they are both green and i cant find the corresponding place for them . has anybody got any pics ?
  5. i brought one from tool station its through but the chassis block gets stuck every time so i put a camera down and from what i can see there's a plate in the way
  6. can anybody tell me what they have done with the chassis loom on a richards chassis ? iv put a couple through a land rover chassis but im struggling with this one .i think there is a v shaped strengthening plate were the gearbox mounts are i was wondering how you guys got on ?
  7. cheers western your a legend of the land rover world .
  8. hi I'm looking for the part number for the chassis loom on a 1990 200tdi defender 90 if any one can help .
  9. probably will its done 200,000 and you can bet the farmer who had it didn't do much to it unless he had to
  10. cheers reb78 I was hoping to go to Norway next year in it .I was thinking I may need to get the injectors tested
  11. I left the defender (200tdi) running in lockdown for an hour a week to keep the battery topped up .it started to get a bit smelly so took it for a spin and a huge cloud of white smoke bellowed out of the back .it cleared after a mile or so it runs smooth and starts on the button .it hasn't lost any water and burns no oil .there's nothing from the oil filler cap .the turbo is in good shape .has anybody got any ideas ?is it possibly dirty injectors?
  12. I oversprayed the one side of my galvanised turret with the underseal 2 years ago and its not budged so it obviously sticks well
  13. looks fantastic how long did it take for your chassis to turn up? they told me 8 weeks
  14. cheers western iv just found this .the reviews look awesome and its £70 for 5 lt Buzzweld GIO Galv
  15. hi iv just ordered a Richards chassis has anybody had any experiences with painting a galv chassis ? last year I fitted new galvanised turrets and while I was spraying the inner arches I got black hammerite waxoil underseal on them and it stuck like god knows what. is this an option or am I talking carp ? can anybody give me some advise on what they have used and their experiences .I need it painted as my last defender probably got stolen because the galvanised chassis was on show .
  16. who was that from Tim iv seen some on fleebay from uk manufacturers for around £200
  17. hi my turbos in its way out and I was thinking of getting a new core . do I get a standard one or do I go for the upgrade witch spools up quicker . any thoughts on reliability of an engine with a more pokey turbo ?
  18. hi my fuel gauge has always read low and I have never had a warning light I have 3 wires . from the front to the back they are black green and white at the back .has anybody got any pics of the wires or do I need a new sender ? p.s its a 200tdi 90 defender (1991)
  19. hi all im afraid its come to the stage where I need to think about respraying the landy . can anybody give me any advise on what the best paint is to use and how much I need for a 90 defender not including the roof or the inside as Im keeping the original colour scheme . its red if that makes any difference
  20. this morning I took my cambelt off to find out what exactly was causing it to ride forward .all the pulleys seemed fine until a came to fit the new belt .then I noticed the pump pulley main bolt had worked loose so the pulley could move forward when ever it felt like it .all sorted now thanks for your help.
  21. thanks for that mr hippo ill let you know what happens
  22. hi iv got a 200tdi defender that has the timing belt riding forward .its a 1990 engine its done about 200,000 miles .when I first had it I changed the belt and the original belt had been wearing on the case .since then iv had no problems .I changed the belt for a trip around the highlands .and since then the problems come back . iv used the correct tools to tention the belt and the belt was a daco kit has anybody got any imfo on why this is happening and how to cure it .
  23. cheers guys I was thinking of using a 5 pin relay . what do you think?
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