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  1. Yeh ebay/paypal can be annoying, but i can sorta see both sides. They changed their terms recently to make their 30day thing kick in after delivery, which stung me a few years back when it was 30 days after transaction, which i guess is an improvement in the right direction. Bought a mattress, bloke was supposed to deliver, and his standard delivery schedule was bi-weekly as he served different areas, he strung me along for a month saying his van broke etc, then stopped responding, eventually it transpired his company had gone bust. It was simply bad timing as far as i could see as oppose
  2. I got the bank involved, i cant really remember what happened after, i remember they sent me out a new card and i remember being annoyed at their ineptness.
  3. He ripped me off about 6 years ago for a cancelled order. I emailed and cancelled it before it had been dispatched, which he did without too much of a problem, but then said he'd be charging me a £10 cancellation charge. I politely pointed out that was illegal under the Distance Selling Regs, and so he turned around and said the £10 was a "goodwill gesture" and then charged my card with a "cancellation fee" of 15% instead, which was about £30.
  4. It's all about search terms. "Electric heater" in the eBay motors section finds a few VAG group parts for instance, eg http://m.ebay.com/itm/MK5-VW-JETTA-HVAC-AC-HEATER-ELECTRIC-AUXILIARY-AUX-HEATING-ELEMENT-OEM-551-/172198851143?nav=SEARCH I'm sure there are more, I just had a quick look. Ideally you'd want to find which domestic cars use the heaters as they'll likely be more common. Unfortunately they're most often used in diesel engined cars, which tend to be a little rarer in the US
  5. the external shots sound completely fine. The internal booming is very odd though, what about engine mountings? Perhaps one of them is knackered an not isolating the engine vibrations from the chassis? I've had a similar noise in a car before when an exhaust mount broke and the mid section was touching the floor pan.
  6. Can you try driving it without the airbox connected?
  7. I suspect what your feeling is just pulses in the intake. If you remove the turbo intake pipe can you feel anything there?
  8. The actual heater matrix isnt all that different to what you'd find in a modern car. I'm not really sure what you'd achieve changing it... Theres two things at play that makes it a bit carp. First off, diesel engines dont heat up very quickly, even modern cars are the same. Many modern cars get round this issue by adding some sort of electric heater element into the HVAC system and theres a thread on here about doing just that with the landrover one. Petrol cars heat up much faster, and plenty of folk with V8 defenders will also point out their heaters are great. This is compounded by leaky
  9. he connected the new fan in parallel with the old fan. So both run together and both run either slow or fast. 4inch blower is the diameter.
  10. I presume you mean "doesnt" here? Many modern GL5's meet (and display) both standards, so it would make sense that modern formulations wont kill a gearbox expecting GL4 given it says GL4 on the can! I've used GL5 oil in gearboxes that specify GL4 on numerous occasions with no problems at all. The same thing happened with early synthetic engine oils. The early formulations would cause oil seals to shrink, which would cause engines to start leaking oil. Thats no longer the case and you can happily put modern synthetic oil into an older engine without issue. The stories still circulate around
  11. Find a local motorfactor, they're usually much cheaper for service stuff than the likes of Halfords. They should also be able to look up the required filters using your registration number (assuming ofcourse that the engine is original to the vehicle!) or failing that they'll have a big book they can use (ensure you have the engine code handy)
  12. Thats even better. A warning is all thats needed, wouldnt mind topping up a fiver every 6 months to keep it alive, but without a warning invariably i'd forget and it'd expire.
  13. This is £5 a month and gives you texts and data included: https://www.giffgaff.com/orders/cheap-sim-only?ggCampaign=ps-G_Generic_Sitelink&KWID=43700003889360457&gclid=Cj0KEQiAtri0BRDLoaCF95e7o_sBEiQA_pgRQwP7OsSasDOC66kjlBwI-EoM8WSvomGimw4Mk-SIepMaAndW8P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CIvN1bWWmMoCFYobFgodnAMFZQ
  14. Why do you specifically want an LT85? Defender (tdi) R380 would need some fiddling with to fit the V8, namely the spigot bearing on the TDI box is larger, so you'd have to machine the spigot on the engine out to the same size as the TDI shaft. In your situation, your best bet is to buy something like the disco you linked, and drop the entire engine/box/transfer case into your defender. Either swap the selector shaft, or buy the little adaptor piece (which saves you stripping the box down!), and fit a defender selector turret and your sorted. Adaptor is here: http://www.ashcroft-transmi
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