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  1. Yeh ebay/paypal can be annoying, but i can sorta see both sides. They changed their terms recently to make their 30day thing kick in after delivery, which stung me a few years back when it was 30 days after transaction, which i guess is an improvement in the right direction. Bought a mattress, bloke was supposed to deliver, and his standard delivery schedule was bi-weekly as he served different areas, he strung me along for a month saying his van broke etc, then stopped responding, eventually it transpired his company had gone bust. It was simply bad timing as far as i could see as opposed to a deliberate scam. But my 400quid vanished, paypal didnt care as it was outside of the 30 days by the time i'd opened a case, and the bank basically said "tough, you didnt use a credit card, debit card has no protection". Ofcourse, knowing ebay and how it works, i should have opened a case immediately when the first delivery date passed by, and at least then its all recorded and because the case is open, i'd have been fine for getting a refund. Unfortunately, ebay have such a monopoly on the market, refusing to use it (and/or paypal) effectively ends up "cutting off your nose to spite your face". Buying on ebay without paypal is proably MORE risky than with, i certainly wouldnt be paying money into someones bank account then crossing my fingers and hoping it arrives! At least if you use paypal the protections are there, you just need to realise their limitations and use them to your advantage. Thankfully, these incidents are rare on ebay and generally i find it works well enough.
  2. I got the bank involved, i cant really remember what happened after, i remember they sent me out a new card and i remember being annoyed at their ineptness.
  3. He ripped me off about 6 years ago for a cancelled order. I emailed and cancelled it before it had been dispatched, which he did without too much of a problem, but then said he'd be charging me a £10 cancellation charge. I politely pointed out that was illegal under the Distance Selling Regs, and so he turned around and said the £10 was a "goodwill gesture" and then charged my card with a "cancellation fee" of 15% instead, which was about £30.
  4. I had one recently as a seller with an item I'd sold internationally thru ebays own "Global shipping service". Its kinda handy, as i just post the item to a UK address, and then ebay deals with the international leg and bills the buyer appropriately. It usually works out very well for the buyers as the costs for ebay to ship a pile of stuff is significantly less than the cost for you to ship one item... When it arrived the buyer claimed it was broken (it had some minor damage, and its entirely possible it was there before i sent it, and i just didnt notice, as it had been lying around for a while.) eBay offered me basically two options; give a full refund, or pay for the guy to send the item back, then give a full refund. They wouldnt allow the use of their shipping service for the return leg, so i'd have to pay for the bloke to send it back from his local post office or whatever, or pay for a proper courier like DHL, which is mega-bucks. The item sold for about £20. It was pointless me doing anything other than just giving him his money back. Bottom line is, if you've had your refund, the case is closed.
  5. the pistons are dished though, so the piston to deck height wont be as per your calcs? Its very likely the piston to deck height is very near 0.
  6. The EAS system from the P38, as maligned as it is, is fairly standalone and would be fairly easy to swap over. If the maintenance is kept on top of, it works well. You can pick a ropey one up cheap, rob it of all the good bits and fit new consumables.
  7. You could buy the projectors and retrofit them into spotlamps of your choice. Theretrofitsource.com i've used in the past. The projectors are pretty deep though.
  8. I had the inlet manifold removed while testing, so no throttle issues. Surely if the readings DONT increase with oil in the bores, it suggests its a top end issue, ie valves or head gasket? If they do increase, it points to ring seal?
  9. The coil pack oddly enough looks like someones set fire to it. The plastics all melted on one side. However the most-melted coils happen to line up with cylinders whos spark plugs look good. So while i probably want to replace it, it does seem to be working fine.
  10. Spent some time on it today. Swapped the injectors out for the spare Audi ones i had, based on some info from the TVR fraternity. Ran a compression test. Unfortunately the battery wasnt great (it had gone flat -yey p38's- and had only been charged for about 2-3hrs on a weedy charger) However cylinders 8 and 6 certainly seem questionable, the same two cylinders with the worst plugs...: 8: 11 bar 6: 8.5 bar 4: 13 bar 2: 13 bar 1: 13 bar 3: 12 bar 5: 11.5 bar 7: 11 bar The test was performed in that order. Unfortunately the battery was about done towards the end, which i think explains the last three cylinders. I suspect had it been fully charged they'd also have kicked out ~13bar. I'm going to have to re-do the test with a fully charged battery and will try adding some oil to 8 and 6 and see what happens. Best case i guess its a head gasket failure between those cylinders? Worst case, bottom end is fecked.
  11. you can get a film which you can apply which is black with many small holes in it: http://www.flyeyeskit.co.uk/ They even claim it to be road legal. The hellas might be a better option though. Alternatively, look at HID projector type units or LED's where the light source is much smaller?
  12. New MAF went on and i took it back for an MOT. Failed again, bloke said it was missfiring and choking out his tester. Decided to inspect the plugs to see if they shed any light: https://www.dropbox.com/s/azls39kcog9xjx4/2016-09-27%2017.45.00.jpg?dl=0 These plugs were new, probably less than 10 miles ago. Albeit most of that distance done with what would seem to have been a fualty MAF sensor. The odd bit, is they're all quite different. Starting with bank1 they all look "okish" with the caveat that 5 and 7 both have soot covering half of their plug ceramic. Bank 2 is where it gets all weird. Cylinder 2, is the same as bank 1. Cylinder 3 is dark and sooty. Cylinder 5 is darker and sootier, plus also looks oily. Cylinder 7 is VERY sooty and oily with weird deposits on it (i presume burnt oil). Thoughts? The oil is clearly a mechanical issue, but could be valve stem seals or rings. For the differences in fuelling between the banks I'm thinking perhaps faulty injectors? I guess i need to compression test it!
  13. presumably didnt like something you've put down? Admiral wouldnt insure my wifes car because she changed the intercooler.... Wheels? Fine, Suspension? Fine, Remap? Fine, Hybrid turbo? Fine, Bodykit? Fine, Bigger intercooler, NOPE! Completely random!
  14. OK So this has grown arms and legs. First of all some background. When i bought the P38 off ebay, it was sold as spares/repair. Apparently the engine would run for about 15mins, then die. The bloke told me the rear main oil seal was leaking and that had contaminated the crank sensor. Sounded fishy but the cutting-out-when-warm i'd seen before with crank sensors, so i figured it probably just needed a new one. When i got the truck home, i put a new crank sensor in it, but discovered the one i took out really wasnt all that old. Hmmmm, somones been here before. The Bloke also mentioned he'd replaced the fuel pump. Since i'd got the truck, this problem hadnt appeared at all. But with no MOT i couldnt really drive it anywhere, so it had only been shunted around the drive. I had made it to and from the first MOT without issue though. So, take the P38 in for its MOT re-test today, Drove it up and down the dual carridgeway probably 6 or 7 miles to make sure it was all running fine, get everything nice and hot then dropped it in for its test. Went back to collect it and the boy tells me he couldnt test it as it wouldnt run, kept cutting out. Great. So i drove it home, just. Last half mile it was acting very strangely, missing and cutting out and not wanting to idle, before finally stopping right outside the house. Best way i can describe it is as though someone had a toggle switch attached to the coil or fuel injectors, and was randomly just turning them off. I managed to coax it onto the drive, and sat there pondering what was going on. Tried ot start it a few times and it would start, rev up a bit then you could hear the engine had simply stopped firing. Adding more throttle would sometimes help it rev up but it would fart about for a few seconds then invariably die. I sat about for a bit thinking what it could be, the the first thing i did, somewhat randomly, was pop the petrol cap off, to be greeted with a loud and pronounced hiss. Hmm, vacuum in the tank perhaps? I started it, and it fired up perfectly and dropped to a nice idle, revved fine, ran fine, all seemed fine. OK i thaught, somethings wrong with the tank breather, perhaps hes pinched a line when reinstalling the tank. But lets be sure, i'll take it for a drive and see if i can repeat the same fault. Drove to the petrol station about a mile away, no dramas, removed cap and there was a small hiss. Put a tenner in and drove home. About a quarter mile away from the house this time, it just dies. I coast into a side road and try to restart, but nope it starts revs abit, pops farts and cuts out. If you really mash the throttle you can just about get the revs up to 2000-2500ish, but it kept dropping, then picking up with a short burst, then dropping agian. OK i thaught if its a fuel delivery issue, i'll see if it'll switch over onto gas. Started it, revved it a bit and hit the gas button. Once gas came on it suddenly sounded much nicer, revved up nicely, but it was short lived, as a few moments later it starts missing on gas as well before stalling. Basically, doing exactly the same thing. So my petrol tank vacuum idea seemed out. Scratching my head and wondering how i'm going to get it home, i sat about a bit, tried it a few times, then after some pondering, unplugged the MAF... It fired right up. Waited a moment to see if it was shortlived, but nope, kept ticking over. But hmm! its done exactly this before with the petrol cap.... So set off home and it drove home just fine. Much like the trip to the petrol station, it drove with no issues and all worked perfectly. Back at the house i ran it on the drive for 10 minutes with no issues. Sooo, whats going on? MAF failure? Fuel tank cap hissing just a red herring? I pulled the maf off and gave it a clean (not that that ever works). Refitted it this morning and started it up, and sure enough starts perfectly and runs fine. Perhaps the MAF is dying when it heats up? Lack of an MOT makes it quite hard to diagnose, as really what i need to do is take it for a 15minute drive with the MAF disconnected and see what happens. Going to pop it down to the MOT centre this morning and see if it will run long enough to get thru the emissions test and get a ticket.
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