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  1. I would suggest changing the clutch Slave cylinder as well if it hasn't already be changed.
  2. Cheers Baz, She would be absolutely no good as working dog, Unfortunately. She's a rescue who someone has tried to train as a working dog, but only succeeded in training her to not come back , I have spent about 4 years trying to undo the harm that has been done and I still can't trust her off the lead Pete
  3. Blimey 18 months since I last posted anything on here As is the way of things the Toy cars are taking over. I still have the ickle 90 and built it a trailer so I could tow it behind a Toyota Pick-up I aquired Then I got bored with the Toyota and sold it and the trailer to fund this :- Which I am in the process of installing this into Build thread can be found here :-Build thread Also built this as a change of pace Thanks for looking Pete.
  4. Finally finished the re-build of the 90 :- Pete.
  5. I suspect the is also a cost factor involved. It is often perceived to be cheaper to buy a 'simex' copy than a good AT tyre for example http://www.paddockspares.com/23585r16itst-235-85r16-insa-turbo-special-track-tyre-only.html and http://www.paddockspares.com/23585r16ggat2-235-85r16-general-grabber-at2-tyre-only.html ok not a big difference but people will try and save every penny at the moment I suspect.
  6. Without intending to sound patronising, you do know that you need to have the engine running and then cycle the through the gears before checking the level with the shifter in neutral, other wise the level will appear to be high. Pete.
  7. Check the oil level in the box and make sure that the gear selector arm and cable are free and moving far enough. I doubt the switch will have anything to do with the issue as all it does is switch the reverse lights on and stop the engine from starting in anything but N and P. HTH Pete
  8. Well that proves my memory is shot to bit's . Glad you have found a probable cause for the failures. Have fun putting it back together and next time you see James give him a slap for giving you that cold. Pete.
  9. As Chris has found there is no provision for a conventional dowel the are just the 2 studs. The box I removed was the same as the box I fitted in this respect. There was no evidence (in the service history for the Discovery) of the gearbox having been replaced prior to me changing it. Pete.
  10. In the time that I owned the engine/gearbox the engine back-plate has never been off the engine so is as far as I know as it left the factory there were 2 solid dowels locating the bellhousing to the engine backplate (as mentioned above by Chris). The original (to me and as far as I could tell original to the vehicle) flexplate survived approx 100,000 miles, The gearbox and torque converter were then replaced with re-con items, when the gearbox died. When reassembled I drove the vehicle approx 1000 miles before the original flexplate broke (in much the same way as the one Chris has posted pictures of). This was then replaced with a new flexplate, (at this point I again checked the depth of the torque converter and made sure that the 2 studs/dowels were fitted correctly), which lasted I would guess 10,000 miles and then broke in the same way. This last plate (a genuine LR one) was fitted and has lasted less than a year although I don't really know how many miles. Pete.
  11. Chris, I used a piece of angle cut to drop inside the bell housing and bolt to a couple of bell housing bolt holes to clamp the torque converter in place when I last had it apart. I got an assistant to hold the torque converter into the gearbox whilst easing the box away from the engine. Also the drivers side engine mount has a large washer as a spacer to stop the timing cover from touching the steering box. Pete.
  12. Have been playing with this again, Got new axles for it and have started fab'ing up the suspension. I'll update the build thread here :- http://ukrcrc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12063 Also going to chop the roof off and make a rollcage for it. Pete Pete.
  13. both times it failed on me it was the centre that broke out. I suspect it has failed in the same way again as the ring gear is still engaged with the starter. Pete.
  14. The list and fitting guide, Les has posted was also supplied with the new box (it may actually be in the paperwork I gave you with the car) and I double checked the torque converter depth when I fitted the box originally and also when I last changed the flex plate. Pete.
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