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  1. Does the ACE system need to be purged with the aid of diagnostics (nanocom) or will it purge itself when driving? I have driven 200km and the ACE seems to be working (compared to my RRC).
  2. New VDO fuel pump fitted today, current draw measured with a clamp meter 12amps which would seem correct because the multimeter went off the 10A scale but not enough to trip the cut out. No smoke from the high resistance crimp connections!
  3. A bit of progress, current draw with the multimeter in the circuit is 5.5 to 6 amps. It smokes continuously when running !!! The wire in the top of the pump has gone black with the heat and the crimp in the connector has suffered from the heat and I think is making a high resistance connection hence the heat. I am changing the connector and will measure the current with the new pump when I change the plug.
  4. The owner wants me to change the fuel pump because of the melted connector ( the top of the pump is no longer sealed and diesel dribbles out around the multipin connector when the tank is full). I will cut into the wires in the pump and put a multimeter in the circuit to check.
  5. According to my clamp meter the current draw is 3 amps. 3amps and a bad connection make smoke. As said above the terminal in the top of the pump had melted its housing and the heat has resulted in the loom connector tag losing the springiness to make a good contact. When the pump stops there is a small whisp of smoke that comes from the connector each time! More useless information.......starter motor current draw 800amps.
  6. I will try to remember to measure the current when I change the pump in a D2 next week. There is enough current to melt the moulded connector coming out of the fuel pump unit when the connection is poor , melt the insulation and blacken the copper wire to the pump .
  7. Measured last week ambient temp about 25°C 750 amps for about 2 seconds to start a 3.6l six cyl diesel Two Varta 72Ah 800 CCA in parallel , all connected with 50mm2 cable.
  8. With a long straight 6 in the engine compartment made for a V8 or a 4 cyl the crank pulley is set in a recess in the front cross member. As a result there is no space to put the accessories between the engine and chassis and the beltdrives have to come upwards to clear the recess in the chassis.
  9. Sounds like you have a realistic CT man, treat him very kindly. My 6cyl diesel needs the gas sensor a little way from the exhaust !! and it works then. Bon courage. FridgeFreezer, France LOVES paper and administration and does not like people who have independent ideas and think out of the ' collective box'.
  10. Does anyone know of a pas pump more compact than the Hobourn Eaton fitted to RRC 86-92. I am short of space at the front of the engine. There is only about 10mm clearance around the pump between the timing case, chassis and steering box. Machining a new mounting and pulley modifications are not a problem.
  11. Before you go too far with your engine change do check that it will be acceptable to your CT man with a CG collection. In the last few months the legislation on modifications has become tougher.... original or no CT is what will happen unless you know your man very well. The government is desperate to eliminate our old vehicles by any legal means and make us buy a pseudo -eco electric car to keep Peugeot and Renault in business. If your CT controller could not squeeze your old engine through on emissions will he be blind to a different type of engine?
  12. The glow plugs are in parallel, but one dead one has the same effect as a series connection, a difficult start. The only cylinder head that will come off alone is the front. The rear might if the bulkhead was not in the way. The intermediate heads cannot lift because of lobes that stick out and prevent a vertical lift. Anyway , when you have removed manifolds and fuel injection pipes etc what is six more bolts for a cylinder head or two ! Yes to fitting the bigger 200/300tdi expansion tank. I have fitted separate oil cooler to both VMs so that the radiator is only cooling wa
  13. I have a 3 foot hydraulic folder and flypress and a few bits of tools etc and some imagination ! You are allowed out next week (French virus rules). Ring or sms and I will find some time in between hay making.
  14. My everyday RRC is a 1987 2 door 2.4td VM which I have been using since 2008 with about 400,000kms on the clock. I bought it with the usual head gasket/cylinder head problems.I also tow a 3.5t trailer often and I live in the Massif Central in France. Driven with care it is a good engine with performance as good ( or better) than a tdi. Don't exceed 3000rpm and don't drive foot to the floor for long periods because the rear cylinder head and gasket will go. I have a temperature gauge on the rear cylinder head and an exhaust gas temperature gauge. My engine runs at 80° and briefly tou
  15. 25 kVa sounds a bit optimistic for a SR3 , nearer to 18kVa I would have thought. Hand or electric start ? You can hear the injectors clack easily especially on excess fuel when cranked. Is the stop/start hand or solenoid operated? If hand operated can you feel the rod connecting the fuel pump racks moving. If the engine has stood the pumps may have seized with damp in the fuel. To stop the lever has to be held against a spring, when released it is in run against the stop, pull the lever out and turn further to the next stop is excess fuel for starting. First check that
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