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  1. taurion

    RRC engine and box removal

    I put a 6 cyl VM with lt77 and lt230 into an '84 RRC. The advantage with the older model is the bolted front panel, saves having to drill out the spot welds. I had a telescopic and 4 post lift to help. A V8 should be easy it is shorter and a lot lighter. Don't do what I did ... bend the heater pipes in the bulkhead and have to take out the heater for repair!
  2. taurion

    How's the weather where your at?

    Tuesday morning -7°C no snow perfect blue sky Wednesday -15°C , the tractor just ran with the winter grade diesel . Thursday +4°C , afternoon +13°C
  3. taurion

    RRC Rear Springs

    My experience so far. 1987 RRC 2 door I bought it with 4HD springs (Boge strut dead) standard height 17mm dia wire.The ride was very harsh and noisy but it was the correct height front and back and it handled the trailer (3.5t) well with little sag. I put standard front springs on and the ride and handling improved. I then put what I believe were original rear springs off a 4dr (15mm wire) and the sag was at least 5cm at the rear wheel arch. The ride was much smoother but it needs the boge strut working to maintain the height and towing the trailer with these springs , never again. I have ordered some D2 rear springs (16mm wire progressive rate) to see if that will give a reasonable ride and handle the trailer correctly. 1982 RRC 2 door with 6cyl diesel and hd springs and dead boge strut . I have put D1 standard rate progressive springs on the rear . Height , ride and handling is probably as good as one can get without the boge strut. I will see if there is a difference with the D2 springs compared to D1. The D1 spring needs to be a slightly higher rate for towing but gives a reasonable ride solo.The real solution is a working boge strut for the self leveling and comfort, anything else is a compromise unfortunately. I used to drive a Citroen XM so miss the self leveling suspension. p.s. I have at least 4 boge struts awating a repair solution so that I can have my original ride quality back!
  4. I have bought Sikaflex at my local BigMat in the Creuse,so should be available in the Allier, or try Chausson , one of their competitors .
  5. taurion

    RRC 76 parts catalogue

    I found this when sorting my '82 RRC http://www.rangerovertwodoorclub.co.uk/#!orignal_parts_book/c1dpt It is in 'more' on the opening page . HTH
  6. taurion

    underpowered car and sidelights fail

    As above check, the earths, behind the headlamp and chassis body battery connections . Dirt accumulates in the front wing and damp gets into the side repeater which will cause problems. Are you sure you have a 2.5 td and not 2.4td? The performance difference is significant.. Is the inlet manifold connected to the boost diaphragm on the injection pump ( 6-8mm black hose) ? Has the diaphragm failed in the pump or perhaps seized? ...No extra fuel means no extra performance. The turbo on my 2.4 is silent so I think there must a leak somewhere making some noise. Has the injection pump been moved so the timing is out? a few degrees out will kill performance. My 2.4 has nearly 400,000km and will still cruise at 85-90kph on the motorway with 2 tons behind .
  7. taurion

    Red Range Rover

    I have a 1982 RRC in red and it has never been resprayed except one wing with some very poor quality paint which will not rub back. The roof needs respraying because the paint has worn through after many years under a sheet. I know I will not get a perfect match with new paint and old paint. Does anyone know which red , masai or venetian was used on the range rover in 1982 ?
  8. taurion

    Spares lost in France

    I live in the backwoods of La Creuse (23) and regularly buy from the UK. In nearly 15 years I have never had an order lost ( here's to tempting fate).In that time I think all the carriers out of the UK will have delivered to me. 24 hr delivery is the same speed as 3-5 day delivery. One item took 3 weeks because the sender had written the wrong postcode by mistake. My experience in France ....... good luck with your refund.
  9. taurion

    Gearstick ID

    Long stick RR ( '84 to '86) early lt77.
  10. taurion

    Driving in France

    Hi- vis is definitely one for each occupant of the vehicle.
  11. taurion

    Driving in France

    There are very few peages (tolls) where you can pay cash now. Credit card is used everywhere. The breathalyser is a joke but still legal. I do not know anyone here who has one that is not out of date , if they have one! If it is frozen ( left in the car overnight ) it is not reliable nor if subjected to over 50°C (left in the sun). It was a political thing by a minister to help one of his friends who had a near monopoly on the manufacture of the devices!! French driving has become much more restrained in the last 15 years and particularly speed limits are much more respected now ( the government needs money , speeding fines are an easy source). Mobile cameras are used often , hiding in the bushes with the hand- held camera , camera on a tripod and the car parked down the lane out of sight or parked on the side of the road something like a Ford Focus estate (black /blue/ white) with a 6in square lens in the bottom LH corner of the tailgate. Apart from the big cities and major routes driving is much more pleasant here , the roads are less crowded. Enjoy it , but do try to speak some french , the effort is usually appreciated.
  12. taurion

    2 Door rangie parts in UK

    Have a look at www.leboncoin.fr. You will need some basic french. Everything from a good deal to wildly optimist and everything in between. My three 2 door RRC have all come from there. Happy looking.
  13. taurion

    anybody out there from france

    I'm further north again , La Creuse , east of Limoges.
  14. taurion

    help please, misshapen tyre

    Deformed tyres heat up very quickly and then go BANG if you continue to use them...Take it off immediately. Ifor Williams 12" tyres do it for a pastime.
  15. taurion

    RRC and R380 gearbox

    Was the r380 ever fitted to a 200tdi in a rrc? My parts list seems to suggest it was but other sources say it was not. I would like to replace the lt 77 with the r380 in order to have a longer life behind a 6 cyl diesel. The lt77 dies after about 60,000kms . Has anyone put an r380 in a classic that had an lt77 and if so what combination of bellhousing and gearbox input shaft did you fit ? There are two rrc here in the same situation. Richard

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