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  1. I use a charger connected to a 12v accessory plug. Just plug in to the cigarette lighter socket. Regards, Diff.
  2. Diff

    Engine conversion

    Perkins 4.182 vehicle engine type has 85 bhp and 145 lbft of torque. Specs in Perkins 200 series manual. Link below. Hope this helps. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://steveturnbull.co.uk/bluedolphinequipment/perkinsmanuals/perkins200series.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwih6pv-ofjeAhXOasAKHZU9C6gQFjAOegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw2t7vpydYWrnQVpxPXPI3yj&cshid=1543449002086 Regards, Diff.
  3. Diff

    Leaking diff pan - temporary repair?

    If you don't want to, or don't have time to do a strip down etc, there is another way. I have successfully repaired a diff a pan, a sump, and a leaking diesel tank on expeditions using chemical metal without draining. The trick is to use soap from a bar of soap first because it will stick to oily metal. Use a piece of soap made soft and pliable with water and press it into the hole or crack. Use just enough to stop the leak, then carefully degrease the area around the soap filled hole, roughen the area with some sand paper and carefully apply chemical metal. Job done. Regards, Diff.
  4. Diff

    235 85 16 Steel Wheel Width

    6 inch is the standard minimum rim width for 238 85 X 16 and 7 inch is the maximum. Standard Land Rover white rims are 5.5 inch, wolf's are 6.5, standard Land Rover alloys are 7 inch. Most standard aftermarket modulars etc are 7 inch. 8 inch is too wide. Regards Diff.
  5. My 2.5 petrol 110 CSW has been running on LPG for at least 10 years. I converted it myself with a kit from Iwema. It has been utterly reliable, and I never use petrol, not even to start in sub zero conditions. This system is a simple single point system, and has no ECU. Unfortunately, most modern systems are more sophisticated and require an ECU etc. regards, Diff.
  6. Diff

    Leccy fan AGAIN LOL

    Ford Mondeo for me too.
  7. Diff

    LT77 gearbox oil

    In the past, I have tried both the Difflock evo oil and Land rover's MTF in my LT77, in both cases I switched back to ATF because the slight notchiness of the gear change was made worse. I now use the ATF which is recommended by Ashcroft Transmissions on their website for LT77 gearboxes(Triple QX ATF Dextron III from Euro car parts). They should know what works. I am very happy with it. My gearbox has now done 188,000 miles on ATF and the notchiness is no worse than it was at 100,000 miles. Regards, Diff.
  8. Diff

    LR 90 2.5L petrol timing

    Disconnect VAC hose for dynamic timing check. Regards, Diff.
  9. Diff

    Mapping help

    Can you not get all the mapping and info you need from "Tracks4africa"? I have used their mapping for Botswana years ago and it was very good, cheap, and Garmin compatible. Regards, Diff.
  10. Sorry SvBeek, I don't have a rev counter. However, I have put the gearbox, diff and tyre specs, in Ashcrofts ratio calculator and it comes out with this: Fourth at 70mph = 4382rpm, Fifth at 70mph = 3642rpm Fifth at 80mph = 4162rpm This is probably right, though the revs may be slightly higher in reality as I can just about hit 70mph in 4th if I rev it hard. My Land Rover will do 75 to 80 mph on the flat in 5th providing there isn't a headwind. A motorway hill will see the speed drop off to 60mph in 5th. Hope this helps, Regards, Diff.
  11. I don't have an ACR full kit, but I have a 2.5 petrol with an ACR cam and a Turners 9.1 stage 2 head in my 1985 110 CSW (standard twin choke webber carb). I run the standard (for 2.25 and 2.5 na 110s) 1.6 transfer box and 235/86 x16 AT tyres too. I run on LPG 99.9% of the time. Yes, it is a bit noisy at 70 - 80mph, but not as bad as a TDi. A lot of the noise is wind/road noise. It is quiet below 50mph. It does mean that the revs are continuously high on the motorway, but I drive mine to keep up with modern traffic and have been doing so for around 10 years with this set up. Hope this helps, Regards, Diff
  12. Diff

    Hot drive flanges

    I agree with some of the previous posts. In my experience, hot drive flange is caused by heat transfer from either a wheel bearing that has been set too tight (or is already seizing), or brake drag issues caused by a seized caliper, seized wheel cylinder or brake shoes that have been adjusted too close to the drum. Regards, Diff.
  13. Diff

    theoretical MegaJolt Q.

    Are you sure you haven't got other problems such as a carburettor fault or old/dirty petrol? It is a long time since I worked on these, and yes, they are a bit different from a conventional set up because they have no distributor, just a points box which switches the double ended coil which fires both spark plugs at the same time. Have you checked that the centrifugal advance mechanism behind the points box is not seized/sticky? Have you used the static method of setting the timing using a 6mm diameter rod through the engine case into the flywheel timing hole? Although a bit of a pain having to take the fan off to get at the points box, I always found setting the timing as per the manual worked fine for me. Which is why I am wondering if you have a different underlying problem causing the poor starting/running. I always found the engines utterly bulletproof and very well designed and engineered (albeit low powered). They can be ragged all day long and still capable of 60 to 70mph all day on the motorway (hills and noise/wind not withstanding!). From memory the 2cv 602cc is 29 BHP and the Dyane 602cc is 31 BHP! I would suggest that megajolt would be an waste of time and money unless you are planning to race it. Good luck, hope you sort it. Regards, Diff.
  14. Diff

    SU Carb restoration/overhaul

    There are two parts to 'matching' multiple carburettors. Balancing is set so that both carburettors flow the same volume of air (throttle butterflies open the same amount) and the same fuel air ratio (mixture). Then the carbs are synchronised so that when the throttle is operated, both carb butterfies open the same amount, and because of the balancing, will flow the same fuel air mix and volume at the same time. Regards, Diff.
  15. Diff

    90 stolen southampton/portsmouth area

    I'll keep my eyes open for it Mike. Dark blue or light blue? Comiserations to the owner. I know I would be gutted if mine went. Regards, Diff

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