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  1. If you don't want to lift the seat to connect a charger, just use the cigarette lighter socket. I wired up an old 12v accessory plug to use with a charger. Depending on the accessory plug type and the power of the charger, you may want to replace the fuse in the 'nose' of the plug with a 'solid' connection. Regards Diff.
  2. They haven't knocked the snorkel top off, because it doesn't have one. The main air intake opening for the snorkel is facing backwards next to the left hand front window on the A pillar. Regards, Diff.
  3. I have a 34 year old 110. A number of years ago, I decided to change the scruffy looking original front springs for some new standard Britpart ones. After 2 years they had sagged significantly and had gone soft. I switched back to the scruffy originals which I am still running and am happy with them. Either keep what you have, or get some new or newer genuine ones. Many retailers will recommend Britpart because that is what they stock, what they can get easily and that they are at a price that most people would be happy to pay without complaint. False economy. Regards, Diff.
  4. You definitely want the 7.50/100 rather than the 7.50/80. They are a very good all-rounder for series vehicles. These Michelins are very high quality. I used these tyres on the very heavily laden 1959 109 safari in my avatar to travel from UK to ZA in 1990. Over 20,000 miles only 1 puncture from a 6 inch nail when I ran over a broken bit of fence. They air down well in the desert and performed well on rock and in the mud of the Congo too. Make sure you use Michelin air stop inner tubes as other makes are often not as thick or hard wearing. 235/85 X 16 are too wide for standard 5.5 inch wide series wheels as they shouldn't be fitted on rims narrower than 6 inch. I know people do and I have done myself, but it can make the steering more vague. The steering on my 110 improved when I swapped the same 235/85 X 16 tyres onto 7 inch wide modulars. Regards, Diff.
  5. Reminds me of my 1959 series 2 109 safari in my avatar which took 4 of us from UK to South Africa in 1990. The trip took around 7 months. Photo taken in the Sahara in Algeria. My favourite Land Rover! You have to find a way to keep yours! I wish I still had mine! Regards, Diff.
  6. I have done a number of expeditions in and across Africa including summer Algerian Sahara crossings. Standard equipment and gauges are fine. Just keep an eye on them. A well maintained vehicle is much more important. You can always find something to spend money on! Good luck. Regards, Diff.
  7. I use a charger connected to a 12v accessory plug. Just plug in to the cigarette lighter socket. Regards, Diff.
  8. Perkins 4.182 vehicle engine type has 85 bhp and 145 lbft of torque. Specs in Perkins 200 series manual. Link below. Hope this helps. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://steveturnbull.co.uk/bluedolphinequipment/perkinsmanuals/perkins200series.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwih6pv-ofjeAhXOasAKHZU9C6gQFjAOegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw2t7vpydYWrnQVpxPXPI3yj&cshid=1543449002086 Regards, Diff.
  9. If you don't want to, or don't have time to do a strip down etc, there is another way. I have successfully repaired a diff a pan, a sump, and a leaking diesel tank on expeditions using chemical metal without draining. The trick is to use soap from a bar of soap first because it will stick to oily metal. Use a piece of soap made soft and pliable with water and press it into the hole or crack. Use just enough to stop the leak, then carefully degrease the area around the soap filled hole, roughen the area with some sand paper and carefully apply chemical metal. Job done. Regards, Diff.
  10. 6 inch is the standard minimum rim width for 238 85 X 16 and 7 inch is the maximum. Standard Land Rover white rims are 5.5 inch, wolf's are 6.5, standard Land Rover alloys are 7 inch. Most standard aftermarket modulars etc are 7 inch. 8 inch is too wide. Regards Diff.
  11. My 2.5 petrol 110 CSW has been running on LPG for at least 10 years. I converted it myself with a kit from Iwema. It has been utterly reliable, and I never use petrol, not even to start in sub zero conditions. This system is a simple single point system, and has no ECU. Unfortunately, most modern systems are more sophisticated and require an ECU etc. regards, Diff.
  12. In the past, I have tried both the Difflock evo oil and Land rover's MTF in my LT77, in both cases I switched back to ATF because the slight notchiness of the gear change was made worse. I now use the ATF which is recommended by Ashcroft Transmissions on their website for LT77 gearboxes(Triple QX ATF Dextron III from Euro car parts). They should know what works. I am very happy with it. My gearbox has now done 188,000 miles on ATF and the notchiness is no worse than it was at 100,000 miles. Regards, Diff.
  13. Disconnect VAC hose for dynamic timing check. Regards, Diff.
  14. Can you not get all the mapping and info you need from "Tracks4africa"? I have used their mapping for Botswana years ago and it was very good, cheap, and Garmin compatible. Regards, Diff.
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