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  1. sarn helen in neath is now closed (aberdulais) used to be seasonal but all gone now. Gap road and sarn helen in BBNP closed too (police regularly watch the sarn helen) there are a number of small link lanes that are open but tbh if you going to run wales may aswell start a builth wales and hit the strata area but there have even been closures around there too.
  2. ive done a few miles in my 300tdi this year and alot of motor way miles too all with my 31's on and im running about 30mpg give or take one problem is you will need to make a few cuts and pos look at lifting mine grounds out a bit even with a camel cut, also i try and do regular service on mine every 4-5 months i drop the oil and change the filters (as directed by pinny ) and she keeps going with very little problems my may tip would be don't put things off if it needs doing do it a small job now can save a big job later and a tinker for a couple of hours on a weekend can save you days tinkering when you should be out enjoying it!! im buying enougher money pit this month (quad) and was going to sell the truck and buy a van to move it around if its to far to ride it but can't bring my self to do it so going to go the landrover owners cheaper option of buying a trailer and keep the old bird going instead hahaha.
  3. we got 6" here this morning disco fine in it though
  4. well found out the problem my own stupid fault because i havnt been doing my jobs propperly the front prop has gone completly at the centre diff (UJ??) but gone to far so need to replace it that the camping trip gone and to top it of my new laptop need to go back and cant take it top tip dont put of your simple jobs like greasing up the props anyone got one ????
  5. cheers m8 will be having a play about under it today
  6. not sure if i lost aweight it dosnt llok like it but going to take the wheels off tomorro have a propper look (weight on the back of one wheel) but re sprayed the wheels the other day so will be easy to see no punctures or clamps that i can see but it dose seem to be rev or poss speed its now effecting around 2500rpm secound gear and low end of 3rd but not in fourth or fith
  7. hi there well a bit of back ground, was driving around in the disco (300 mreg) today doing the shoping etc. parked up for a couple of hours jumped in it again to nip to B&Q and she started to shake in secound gear at around 2500rpm, at first i thought it must be the rubbish road i was on but it wasn't, its not like the 70mph shake you get in a wolf it more like the sort of shake you get when a front wheel drive car is trying to spin the wheels but the tyers are holding if that makes sense, iv check all the wheel nuts and pinny on here has been had had a look, only conclution is the wheel bearings are going but this is normaly gradual but this has started this afternoon. any other surgestions please
  8. im running these size tires i had to trim the front and the rear (camel) but also found that i need a 2" lift to get a good articulation as the one time i got stuck was manly dont to the wheels hitting the top of the arches and not turning rather than actualy being stuck if that makes sence
  9. cheers mate may be what im after
  10. never look at a series but will look into it cheers mate
  11. im looking for some 68mm diameter rubber or flexi pipe to help with a snorkle issue im looking for about 2m for it im wanting to build a snorkle but the way i want to do it i need this pipe but can't find any anywhere done the google thing no use thanks in advance shane
  12. with out giving to much away today i went to some lanes in Norfolk (not been up there for a few months) and some that were closed have been reopened for the summer months and then close again on the 31st of october can see why they were closed but they make for some different views and they have grown back well, aslong as they are approached and drivin steady they should keep well
  13. 300 tdi clutch kit clutch lasted 3 weeks the heavey duty release arm still fitted and working also i used a bush that fits in the fly wheel (cant remember the propper name) thats works fine, the clutch may have failed due to the bush going before
  14. yep i think they come sim free from that site but if your looking for a sim deal then its only orange you can get them from
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