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  1. I have fitted a 200 Tdi into a series 2A using an uprated shape series radiator so I want to fit a separate oil cooler Thanks
  2. Hello Can anybody help with the thread size of the oil cooler pipes into the oil filter housing on a discovery 200 tdi engine
  3. I am looking for some help with my series 2a . About a year ago there was a company selling new heaters on eBay that would fit to the internal bulkhead with greatly improved performance but after scanning the web I can't seem to find them now I am ready to make a purchase does anybody have any idea what the company name was you could choose the size of the air outlet pipes many thanks
  4. Can anybody recommend a swing away spare wheel carrier for an 88" soft top series 11 looking for quality rather than the cheapest thanks
  5. Hi Boydie Nice suggestion I havn't given up yet. Cheers
  6. Hi all Now I have eventually found the blue connector and bridged the diagnally opposite black & black/pink wires I have obtained a blink code of 2 - 6 Brake pedal Position (BPP) Switch. Can anybody confirm that means replace the switch on the brake pedal. Cheers again John
  7. Cheers disco_al I was looking for a 16 pin obd connector. That could be why i couldn't find it. There is no mention of this connector on my blink code listings ?
  8. Hi All Can anybody help I have an ABS warning light on. I have checked all four ABS sensors are fully fitted. I have changed the ABS motor assembly. I now have the blink codes to check the fault that is present but I have found and disconnected the ABS relay but I can't find the 16 pin socket to bridge the pins to get the blink codes displayed. Sorry the Discovery is an "M" Reg. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Hi all Anybody able to give me the dimensions of a standard TD5 intercooler for a defender (is the discovery 2 TD5 the sam size ?) I was thinking of putting it infront of my series radiator providing a hose either side of the standard series radiator. I have fitted a 200 TDI in it and struggling with the intercooler. Any advise would be greatly received Thanks Johnseries
  10. Hi Anybody out there know the part number of the air conditioning belt tensioner that is mounted on the same mount as the air con. compressor. This is for an early 200 TDI Discovery. Thanks John Series
  11. Just doing another engine conversion on a series 2 this time. I am putting a 200 TDI Disco engine in a "88" series 2. Has any body that has done this conversion used the original series Radiator ? If so do you think I will need a 4 core one ? Many thanks
  12. Just to depress you a little more when I changed my last one on a 88" series 3 I am lucky enough to have a pit and full workshop but even so I chained the vehicle down to the floor very tight then with a block and tackle on the idler pulling upwards and a 10 ton porter power pushing up from underneath and a complete drowning in penetrating oil left it for a few days under real tension and eventually with a few big hits from a club hammer it came out. What a job without those sort of facilities I would be inclined to rebuild your one in the cross member especially if you are changing the chassi
  13. Hello one and all I am having difficulty in locating a Lucas Split charge relay part number 4BD (II think) Large cylinder shape relay. Is this even still available ? Any help very much appreciated. ( still fairly new on the forum appoligies)
  14. Thanks to you all for the advice on gearboxes. I think I will stick with a series 3 box as well.I have also fitted a PRIMA TD into a series 3 "88" which drives very well. Thanks one and all.
  15. Hi sorry to but in on this topic (this is my first post) when converting to a 200 TDI are you all using series 3 gearboxes ? I have heard the series 2 may be stronger any advice very welcome Thanks John
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